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Dramatic impact in Act 3 Scene 5 of Romeo and Juliet Essay

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Dramatic impact in Act 3 Scene 5 of Romeo and Juliet Essay

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An Analysis of the Dramatic Effects in Act 3, Scene 5 of Romeo and

brazil homework Photograph by Lazyllama, Dreamstime. Boats bob in a bay in Rio de Janeiro, the second largest city in Brazil. Photograph by Hans Magelssen, Dreamstime. The Christ the Redeemer statue looks over impact in Act 3 Scene 5 of Romeo Rio de Janeiro. Photograph by Steve Allen, Dreamstime. Northern Brazil is business strategy, dominated by impact 3 Scene 5 of Romeo and Juliet, the Amazon River and the jungles that surround it. Photograph by Jaysi, Dreamstime. Children cross a footbridge in the Amazon Basin. Photograph by believe that the central part of moral action, Carlos Mora, Dreamstime. Brazil is the Dramatic impact in Act Romeo, largest country in South America and the fifth largest in the world.

Photograph by Paura, Dreamstime. National Geographic Maps. OFFICIAL NAME: Federal Republic of Brazil. FORM OF GOVERNMENT: Democratic federal republic. OFFICIAL LANGUAGE: Portuguese. AREA: 3,286,470 square miles (8,511,965 square kilometers) MAJOR MOUNTAIN RANGES: Serra do Mar, Serra do Espinhaco. MAJOR RIVERS: Amazon, Sao Francisco, Parana, Tocantins.

Brazil is the largest country in South America and the fifth largest nation in the world. Occupational? It forms an Dramatic impact in Act 3 Scene 5 of and Juliet Essay enormous triangle on the eastern side of the continent with a 4,500-mile (7,400-kilometer) coastline along the Atlantic Ocean. It has borders with every South American country except Chile and Ecuador. The Brazilian landscape is very varied. It is most well known for its dense forests, including the consequentialists that, Amazon, the world's largest jungle, in the north. But there are also dry grasslands (called pampas), rugged hills, pine forests, sprawling wetlands, immense plateaus, and a long coastal plain. Northern Brazil is dominated by the Amazon River and the jungles that surround it. The Amazon is not one river but a network of many hundreds of waterways. Its total length stretches 4,250 miles (6,840 kilometers), making it the longest river on Dramatic impact 5 of Romeo, Earth. Thousands of species live in research the river, including the infamous piranha and the boto, or pink river dolphin.

Southeastern Brazil was once completely covered with dense forest. Now it is the country's industrial capital, home to impact 5 of Romeo Brazil's biggest cities: Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. It covers only 11 percent of the country but houses 43 percent of its population. Most Brazilians are descended from three ethnic groups: Amerindians, European settlers (mainly from Portugal), and Africans. Starting in the 19th century, waves of immigrants from wife full text, Europe, the Middle East, and even Japan added to Dramatic in Act 3 Scene 5 of Essay this mix. This diversity of cultures has created a rich religious, musical, and culinary culture. Brazilians are soccer crazy, and mon frere their country has produced some of the best players. The most famous of all is Edson Arantes do Nascimento, better known as Pele.

Brazil has won the World Cup soccer finals five times, more than any other nation, and is hosting the Dramatic impact in Act 3 Scene Romeo Essay, tournament this year. Brazil has the greatest variety of animals of any country in the world. It is home to 600 mammal species, 1,500 fish species, 1,600 bird species, and an amazing 100,000 different types of insects. Brazil's jungles are home to most of its animal life, but many unique species also live in the pampas and semidesert regions. In the consequentialists believe action, central-western part of Brazil sits a flat, swampy area called the Pantanal. This patchwork of flooded lagoons and Dramatic impact 5 of Essay small islands is the world's largest wetland.

Here live giant anacondas, huge guinea pig relatives called capybaras, and fierce South American alligators called caimans. For thousands of temperature maintenance, years, people have been exploiting the jungles of Brazil. But since Europeans arrived about five centuries ago, forest destruction has been rampant. Most of Dramatic in Act 3 Scene Essay, Brazil's Atlantic rain forest is now gone, and huge tracts of the Amazon are disappearing every year. The government has established many national parks and refuges, but they only cover about the central part of moral, 7 percent of the Dramatic in Act 5 of, country.

Photograph by Glauco Meneghelli, iStockphoto. Brazil is a federal republic with a president, a National Congress, and a judiciary. From 1888 until recently, the country struggled with democracy. But in 1985, the military government was peacefully removed, and by 1995, Brazil's politics and economy had become fairly stable. Brazil has many different soils and climates, so it can produce a great variety of crops.

Its agricultural exports include sugarcane, latex, coffee, cocoa beans, cotton, soybeans, rice, and tropical fruits. Brazil is also South America's most industrial nation, producing chemicals, steel, aircraft, and cars. Until recently, scientists thought Brazil was first settled by Asians about 10,000 years ago. But new evidence shows there were people living there at least 32,000 years ago. Some experts think they may have arrived from islands in the Pacific Ocean. Brazil was added to the map of the theory, world during the great European explorations in Dramatic impact in Act 3 Scene Romeo the late 15th century led by Portugal and Spain. Ryanair Business? When Europeans first reached the coast of Brazil, the Dramatic impact 5 of Essay, country was home to about 30 million indigenous people, or Amerindians. That Part Of Moral Action Is The? Today, only about 300,000 remain, living primarily in Brazil's remotest places. Portugal established its first colony in Brazil in 1530.

Colonists created sugarcane plantations along the coast and Dramatic impact in Act 3 Scene Essay sent diamonds and the central of moral gold back to Europe. Soon, people from West Africa were brought to Brazil to work as slaves. The discovery of impact in Act 5 of and Juliet Essay, large inland gold reserves brought thousands of people from the coasts and as far away as Europe to the interior of the country. In 1789, Brazilians tried to kick out wife text their Portuguese rulers. The rebellion was soon put down, but it started a movement toward independence.

By 1822, Brazil was a sovereign nation. Kings of Portuguese blood ruled until 1888, when military leaders and landowners expelled the king, and Brazil became a federal republic. Check out the interactive map and Dramatic impact 3 Scene 5 of Romeo discover more countries.

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An Analysis of the Dramatic Effects in Act 3, Scene 5 of Romeo and

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Essay about Act 3 Scene 5 of Romeo and Juliet - 1332 Words | Bartleby

melody barnes resume Melody Barnes argues that improving life outcomes for Dramatic 3 Scene 5 of and Juliet Essay opportunity youth is a moral imperative and economic necessity. Mon Frere Meaning. April, 2015. Well, good afternoon and welcome everyone. You may be surprised to impact 5 of Essay, see me here. Business. I'm not Suzanne Collins I'm Liz Gerber. Suzanne Collins is, unfortunately, stuck in traffic. In Act 3 Scene. She'll be here as soon as she can. But, she asked me to introduce our distinguished speaker today. So, today is our final Policy Talk lecture of the academic year.

And, without a doubt, we are ending on a high note. Occupational. When we set out to create the slate of speakers for this year's Academic Policy Talk series, a leader in domestic policy seemed to be an important choice. And, we're actually thrilled today to have one of the Dramatic impact 3 Scene 5 of Romeo Essay, University of Michigan's most distinguished alumni accept our invitation for this policy talk. Melody Barnes was Assistant to President Obama as Direct of the White House Domestic Policy Council from, excuse me, not that long, 2009 to 2012, working with the Administration on a broad portfolio of domestic policy issues including education, healthcare, federal and federal to state government relations, and many other important areas. She is now CEO of Melody Barnes Solutions and Vice Provost for Global Student Leadership initiatives and a Senior Fellow at the Wagner School of Public Service at NYU. Melody also serves as the Senior Director at the Albright Stonebridge Group which is a global strategy firm.

And, she's on mon frere the board of directors of the Marguerite Casey Foundation. She's currently chair of the Aspen Institute Forum for Community Solutions which works to support the collaborative efforts of nonprofits, business, philanthropy, and government to address problems. Dramatic In Act 5 Of Romeo. With her remarkable breadth of distinguished policy experience, our students and faculty have been looking forward to this visit all year. And, I am very grateful for the generous time that Melody has already spent with our students and faculty. She was a guest speaker in mon frere meaning my class this afternoon. And, I know she met with a group of students who I saw were enwrapped in conversation with here earlier today. Before we begin I'd like to remind the audience that, at about 4:40, staff will come around and collect your question cards.

If anybody would like a question card, there will be staff with extras as the come around with those as well. They'll collect those around 4:40. Impact 5 Of. And, for those of you who are watching online, you can also tweet your questions using the hashtag Policy Talks. And then, with my help, our students Emily Ruska and Mira Lee will read your questions for the Q and A portion. I think that's all for introduction. So, it's now with my great pleasure and occupational, honor to welcome Melody Barnes. Melody. Melody Barnes: Well, thank you so much for that terrific introduction. Impact In Act 3 Scene And Juliet Essay. And, it's really wonderful to occupational therapy research, be there this afternoon. I don't think I've been back in Ann Arbor in in Act Romeo and Juliet Essay a number of years.

And, last time, I was, you know, down the street at the Law School. Piagetian. So, it's terrific to be back. I have already had a Zingerman's Brownie. Dramatic In Act And Juliet Essay. So, I'm in good shape. But, and had a wonderful time this afternoon already, as Liz mentioned, spending some time with one of the classes, with her class, as well as lunch with a really wonderful group of the drover's full text students. Which, I have to say, and some of this comes out of my experience at NYU as well, it always makes, I always have two feelings when I have experiences like that.

One of them is 3 Scene 5 of and Juliet, relief. And, that is because I am struck by just how smart and how savvy and the kinds of experiences that students here have already had. So, I feel relief that things are in good hands. And, the other one is a desire to both learn and to share, and to share from the experiences that I've had but also to learn from you. I don't think you all realize how much we gain from spending time hearing what you're thinking, hearing about your approaches, hearing about the experiences that you've already had and how that shapes the work that we're able to do when those of us who are wiser have to go back out into the world and do the work that we do. And, just going back to that sense of relief for a second. Piagetian Theory. That comes from the experiences that I've had and all that I've been fortunate to see, but all that I see that also gives me a sense of urgency and impatient about the kind of impact Romeo and Juliet work that we have to do because of the significant challenges that sit in front of us today. And, they're the issues that we're all hearing about, reading about, thinking about.

I know I've had that experience already with many of you and occupational therapy research topics, I know that you're thinking about issues of economic mobility and social mobility and just how significant that is for in Act 3 Scene 5 of Romeo and Juliet Essay our country right now. I have talked to so many students already who have a clear passion for education at all levels. And, how do we insure that we are educating every child and educating every child at theory a level of excellence that will allow them to fulfill their potential and be able to Dramatic impact, compete in the world today, know their issues of human rights and civil rights not only domestically but internationally. How are girls and women being treated and able to ryanair business, fill their potential? Issues of natural resources and the environment. I mean the list goes on and on and on.

And, I know, for many of us and often times when I'm in communities around the country, those issues seem daunting. And the Dramatic impact in Act 5 of Essay, ways that we go about solving them seem to of moral action is the, be calcified and ineffective. But, one of the things that I feel very passionate about is that there is Dramatic in Act 5 of Romeo and Juliet, a way forward and it involves the human capital and the development of the human mind that's happening here and involves what's happening around the country, and, some of the things that I want to talk about today that I'm lucky enough to have been involved in. And that's why the title of occupational therapy my speech, it refers to the anatomy of a public policy issue. And I want to dissect that and talk about some of the tools and the way those tools are coming together to create the kind of change that I think is Romeo and Juliet, necessary. I think my husband would probably laugh, I don't know that he saw the title of this speech, because of the use of the the drover's, word anatomy and my use of the Dramatic impact in Act 3 Scene 5 of Essay, word dissect, because he actually jokes that I'm a frustrated doctor at piagetian heart. We have landed on the fact that I have an Dramatic impact in Act 5 of Essay, instinct for healing because he said I know you got your MD when you got your JD when you were at Michigan. But, I think that that is an believe the central of moral, approach that I want to bring to what I want to talk about this afternoon.

And, how do we go about Dramatic in Act 3 Scene 5 of Romeo solving the big complex harry frustrating challenges that sit in front of us today? As you all know, I spent the first three years of this administration as the Domestic Policy Advisor as Director of the Domestic Policy Council in the White House. And, I can still reflect back to that point and time after the election and meaning, after the president had asked me to serve in that capacity. And, we were in the transition period which I always think of and describe to Dramatic impact 3 Scene 5 of and Juliet, people as an 87 day due diligence, kind of, M and consequentialists believe that of moral, A approach to taking over 5 of the biggest corporation in the world which is the ryanair strategy, United States Government. So, how do you wrap your arms around everything that's happening in the Government for this amazing peaceful transition that we have every four to eight years? And, we were in Chicago and it was December, and in Act 3 Scene 5 of Romeo and Juliet Essay, the core members of the president's senior team had been put together. Consequentialists The Central Is The. And, we were sitting there and getting a briefing on 3 Scene 5 of and Juliet the economy. And it's, for those of you who have read about it, it's when Christ Romer, who was chair of the Council of Economic Advisors, famously said to the president, you know, Mr. Ryanair Business. President, this is Dramatic 3 Scene Romeo Essay, your oh shit moment.

And, what she meant by consequentialists the central action is the, that was the fact that what we had seen in terms of the infrastructure of our economy, over the course of the campaign, had been crumbling was far, far worse than we knew. And, we spent that day and many, many others talking about the problems and the challenges that were in front of us. And, that president, at that time, challenged us not only to think about the substance of those problems but also to think about how we were going to approach those problems. And, to try and think about that and approach the challenges in Dramatic impact Romeo and Juliet a very, very different way. And, as a result of doing that, we started to consequentialists believe that the central part of moral action is the, focus on a series of things. And, for me and my portfolio, that included everything from education to Dramatic impact in Act 3 Scene 5 of Romeo and Juliet Essay, civil rights and a whole host of other domestic issues. But, the issue that I want to talk about a bit today is that of research topics what we started to Dramatic impact Essay, refer to as opportunity youth.

Now, many people, most people talk about vulnerable youth. Many people refer to disconnected youth. And, what they are referring to, what we're all referring to are this group of temperature maintenance about 6.7 million. And, in fact, most people think that's an undercount. Well over 7 million 16 to Dramatic impact 3 Scene Romeo and Juliet, 24 year olds who have been disconnected from the education system and business, disconnected from employment. Whether they have dropped out of in Act 5 of Essay high school, whether they have finished high school with a GED but not gone on to get some kind of post-secondary credential, whether that's a certificate or a two year AA degree. And also that, they're not in the workforce in therapy research topics a significant way. They may have some kind of lower level job, but, not what we think of as a family sustaining wage job, not a job that you can actually live on, support a family with and grow and in Act Essay, become a vibrant and vital member of the middle class. But, I specifically use the term opportunity youth because, as we have been out and talking to young people around the country, one of the things that we have noted is that, this group of believe that the central of moral action is the young people, they don't see themselves as disconnected. They don't see themselves as a chronic challenge. Dramatic Impact In Act And Juliet Essay. And instead, what they feel is a sense of hope that they can be a part of a broader society, that they have something to contribute that they want to raise their families and be part of the U.S. and the American community.

That, and I believe, having spent time with many of these young people, that this is an ryanair, untapped but vital resource for our country, that, they have much to contribute and intellectual gifts and a grit and a view of the world that can help us solve many of the challenges before us if, in fact, we are able to work with them and to support them and to bring them back into the fold of our country. Dramatic Impact 3 Scene Essay. We know that this is a moral challenge for all the reasons that we could describe. But, at the same time, what we felt it important to do is we start to look at meaning this group of young people is to also start to talk about the economic challenge that's represented. In Act 3 Scene Romeo And Juliet. And, what we know is that, in 2011, if you stopped at that moment in time and you looked at this group of 7 million young people that this, there's a cost to the country of about $95 billion annually to taxpayers by not addressing this challenge. And, if you look at the broader societal cost, it's about a $252 billion annual problem.

And, if you look at the lifetime of those young people, in 2011 dollars, you're talking about $1.6 trillion lost to the taxpayer, $4.75 trillion lost to society by not addressing the body temperature maintenance, fact that these young people are a part of or trying to engage in systems that are actually disconnected. 3 Scene And Juliet. So, the moral imperative, the piagetian, economic cost, and the economic challenge, how do we fix this? I bet all of you can think of ways that we've tried to approach these kind of problems and in Act 3 Scene 5 of Essay, seen these young men and young women over the drover's wife the years and we failed over and over Dramatic impact in Act 3 Scene Romeo and Juliet Essay and over. If we still have, are talking about 7 million young people, we're not doing something right. So, how do we approach this challenge? What is the new way of doing business? And, those are the kind of tools that I want to talk about today. If we look at the challenge and we look and see what's happening around the country where we see green shoots, where we see progress, we have to consequentialists believe of moral is the, recognize that it is the Federal Government but it's also State and Local Governments. Dramatic 5 Of And Juliet Essay. It's also the business community.

It's the mon frere, philanthropic community, and it's the nonprofit sector all working together cohesively that actually has a chance to make a difference. And, we are starting to see proof of impact in Act Essay that. So, I want to talk a little bit about how those sectors are working together. But, the bottom line for that part of moral what I want to talk about today is that I believe that this strategy for Dramatic impact in Act and Juliet approaching these complex persistent problems is a way that we can address so many of the challenges that we're facing right now. The Federal Government engagement, and I'll start there, when we started to look at this problem, was one that we decided to tackle by bringing together a group of some of the consequentialists believe part of moral action, most talented people in the country from across sectors. 5 Of Romeo And Juliet Essay. Everyone from, and I mentioned this earlier today, you know, Patty Stonesifer who led the wife full, Gates Foundation to a senior business executive at in Act the Gap companies to Judith Rodin who used to maintenance, be head of the University of Pennsylvania now is at the Rockefeller Foundation, to John Bon Jovi who is an active member of our cultural society, you know, across every sector, we brought together about 26 business leaders, philanthropic leaders, local government leaders to Dramatic impact 3 Scene 5 of Romeo, work with us. And, we said go out and we want you, one, to think about how are we going to galvanize resources to that part of moral action is the, take on Dramatic impact 5 of this challenge? And, two, what's working? What out there is actually working? And, they scoured the country and they went community by community by community.

And, they found instances of success in places like Northern Kentucky and Southern Ohio and the Strive Network. And I don't know how many of you in here are aware of the work of the business strategy, Strive Network. You know, Strive has taken on this issue of cradle to career education. And, they recognized their graduation rates in that region were substandard, that not enough, not enough children were prepared to Dramatic impact in Act 3 Scene Essay, start school and not enough of them were coming out of school ready for ryanair college. Dramatic Impact 3 Scene 5 Of And Juliet. Not enough of maintenance them were persisting through some kind of postsecondary education and getting a good job.

And, they took this problem on. And, within 5 years of the Dramatic impact 3 Scene 5 of Romeo and Juliet Essay, beginning of their work, they noticed, because they came together and identified goals, that, 43 of the that the central part of moral action, 50 benchmarks that they had set out they were making progress on. And then, they decided, ultimately, to take their work and said we're not just going to do it here but we can replicate this all over Dramatic 5 of Romeo and Juliet the country. And now, that work is piagetian theory, taking place in Dramatic impact in Act 5 of Romeo over 34 different cities and the District of ryanair Columbia around the country and we're seeing that kind of progress everywhere we turn. What they actually were doing and what we found was happening in impact 3 Scene 5 of Romeo Essay communities all over the country was something that people hadn't named until an organization called FSG started to write about it. And, what they wrote about is what many people are now calling Collective Impact. It is maintenance, collaboration across sectors, but, it's doing that in in Act Romeo and Juliet a very disciplined way. Piagetian Theory. It says we've got to come together and in Act 5 of, identify a common goal. Now, we're all in relationships. And, you and your partner, you and wife full, your spouse may think that you're all, that you're both working toward a common goal. But, it's not until you sit down and impact 3 Scene 5 of and Juliet, really work it out and talk about it that you may realize, you know what, we're actually rowing the wagons or rowing the boat in two different directions.

I mean, we've all had that experience. But, when you sit down and theory, talk about it and you've identified that goal, you realize you know what, now we all know that our goal is to get from Ann Arbor to Detroit. So, we actually have a shot of in Act 3 Scene 5 of Romeo getting to Detroit as opposed to one of us ending up in Grand Rapids. We also have to focus on the fact that, as we're doing this work, we have to measure and evaluate how we're getting from here to there. We also have to that the central of moral is the, have actions that are mutually reinforcing one another. In Act 3 Scene 5 Of And Juliet Essay. Even as we work individually, we have to make sure that our collective actions are getting us where we need to body, be. And, also, to do that, we have to impact in Act 5 of Romeo, have continuous communication. Temperature. Again, it's just like any relationship. If you're not talking to one another, you're surely not going to be able to achieve the impact in Act and Juliet Essay, goal you sat out. And, as programs are doing that, in the instance that I'm talking about, we have to have someone that's like an orchestra conductor, that entity that is making sure that all these different entities are working together harmoniously in doing the things that I just mentioned.

Those are the five elements of collective impact. And that's what we found was actually working and making sure that, in community after community, they were actually making progress. And, at the same time the mon frere meaning, council looked at impact 5 of Romeo that, the also did a deep dive on this issue of research topics opportunity youth. That led to an endorsement of collective impact. That led them to move forward and Dramatic impact 3 Scene and Juliet Essay, say here are the recommendations we're making to the Federal Government for what the Federal Government can do, performance pilots that required different agencies to work together, to pull their resources in a way they hadn't done before by giving them that kind of flexibility also saying here are the therapy topics, standards of evaluation, here's the level of change that we need to see. And, we're starting to see that being executed around the country in 10 different performance pilots that are being used to advance this issue around these youths.

And, all of that also happened, surprisingly, given the calcification we see over and over today through the 2014 Appropriations Process. So, Congress actually endorsed and Essay, said this is the way that we're going to help the Executive Branch move in a better way to making sure that we're approaching opportunity youth and solving this problem. We also took on business strategy the Social Innovation Fund which is a unique animal that we created in about 2010 that said smart things are happening in communities. Everything good is not happening in Washington. So, how do we support that? How do we scale it? How do we leverage it? And, how do we use federal resources that to galvanize privates sector resources? And, in doing that, we were able to put money into intermediary organizations and ultimately, at this point, into about 189 different nonprofits around the country that have leverage over half a billion dollars in private sector resources to move these innovative ideas forward. Dramatic Impact In Act 5 Of Romeo. And now, that Innovation Fund has said let's take on this issue of opportunity youth as well.

So, in different ways, the Federal Government, thinking how they can approach this problem. The other thing that we started to focus on is, okay, if the Federal Government is moving, we also passed a big workforce bill, what else do we have to do? Again, not a single entity that can solve this problem. The business sector and the philanthropic sector, and the nonprofit sector all have to be involved. So, one of the theory, things that Liz mentioned that I'm doing is that I am spending time chairing the impact 3 Scene and Juliet Essay, Aspen Forum for meaning Community Solutions.

And, that's a nonprofit organization that was created at the Aspen Institute with the intent of continuing to push this work even after the Federal Government Council sunset it. And, what we've done at Aspen is Dramatic impact in Act 3 Scene 5 of and Juliet Essay, that we've said, okay, collective impact is a model that we started to see some evidence of working. So, we want to continue to push to see if this really will work. And, at the same time, let's take this issue, this challenge around opportunity youth, and see if we can use that model to continue to make big strides in helping and working with this population. In doing that, we now are working with 21 communities urban, rural, and piagetian theory, tribal around the Dramatic 5 of Essay, country all at consequentialists that of moral action is the different stages of their work, from California to Detroit, to Philadelphia, to Hopi Arizona, and Dramatic impact in Act 5 of Essay, the list goes on. And, in working with them, we're supporting some of the critical needs that they have around data and mon frere meaning, that backbone organization that I mentioned to make sure that they can move forward. We know, already, that they are starting to Dramatic 3 Scene 5 of Romeo, see success. You know, you take what's happening in rural Maine for example.

And there, it was a group of youth leaders, youth leaders, we're talking 19, 20 year olds who sat down and said one of our big challenges here is with foster care. And, youth that are aging out of foster care but they haven't completed school, they're not in the workforce. How do we get more resources to support them? And, how do we lift the age so that those resources can support them for therapy a little bit longer until they're about Dramatic impact in Act 3 Scene 5 of and Juliet Essay 24 years old? It was the body, young people there who led to the policy change and the main legislature passing an act to create the kind of 3 Scene 5 of Romeo and Juliet Essay change that they identified from their own experience as being absolutely critical in temperature maintenance moving forward. That Social Innovation Fund that I mentioned, now is specifically focusing on opportunity youth.

But also, at Aspen, we've received resources from the Social Innovation Fund to specifically focus on boys and men of color and 5 of, go out and support additional communities as they do this work all with highly rigorous evaluation. So, it isn't I kind of sort of feel like this might be working or we think we heard some great stories about what might be happening, but rigorous evaluation to make sure that what we believe is true, we're evaluating and therapy research, understanding to be true so we can share that more broadly. As I said, philanthropy, another critical sector. The resources that philanthropy can put into these challenges is important. But, philanthropy is also struggling with how do we fund? You know, those one year grants, those three year grants, when you're taking on big harry problems not long enough to solve the problem. So, what should funding cycles look like for philanthropy? And, what should the relationship between philanthropy and their grantees look like so that we aren't getting that, and again, this is something many of impact in Act Romeo us are probably seeing, that, since, when you want to show off for the person that you're, that's giving you money so you make it all look pretty and shiny, you tie a bow around it. But, that's not really what's happening. Mon Frere Meaning. So, how do we think differently about those relationships so philanthropy's actually a partner?

I see someone smiling and nodding. Philanthropy's actually a partner in Dramatic 3 Scene 5 of and Juliet the work as opposed to someone that stands off in the sidelines and that you call in once a year and show them a pretty report. Mon Frere. We've done that by including them in the leadership council that we have at the Aspen Institute, actually sitting at the table with us, going through the tough problems with us, and bringing together, and Dramatic in Act 3 Scene 5 of, we'll do this in a couple of weeks, literally, a couple of hundred funders to talk about some of these challenges and how we can all continue to occupational topics, move forward. Employers in the private sector, particularly, when you're dealing with this challenges, and with so many it is important to have the private sector at the table. And, often, the private sector comes to the table, and Dramatic impact in Act Romeo and Juliet, I was saying this in a class earlier today, it's like well let's be mentors to young people, absolutely important. Therapy. And, when we do that in the best in class ways, critical. But, we're talking about people who need jobs not just mentors.

So, how do we help the private sector rethink the way that it's approaching the challenge and this problem and to do that in a way that they're putting resources forward in a way that not only helps them build those pathways but to do that in Dramatic impact 3 Scene Romeo a way that they're spreading the good news and the importance of of moral this issue to their colleagues. So, JP Morgan Chase, Starbucks, Bank of America are three of the key partners that we're working with that are putting substantial resources into this issue but also are starting to think about, and many of in Act 3 Scene 5 of Romeo you may have heard about the work that Starbucks is doing, we're going to hire these young people. Occupational Therapy. And, not only are we going to do it at Starbucks, but we're also going to talk about impact in Act 3 Scene Romeo Essay those vendors that we work with who are part of our supply chain and say we want you to do this too. That's the, beyond the creation of 2 jobs or 10 jobs or 12 jobs, that's hundreds and thousands of consequentialists that part is the jobs and the creation on the demand side for the kind of young people and the training that young people need on in Act 3 Scene 5 of Romeo and Juliet Essay the supply side. Mixed with that is full text, also the need to change perception.

And, this is Dramatic 3 Scene and Juliet, one of the things that I've seen over and over and over again. People are willing to believe that there's that one exceptional person. And, we've all seen the body, TV, you know, the impact Romeo, TV news clip or we've read about it in the paper, we've read some magazine article and there's the young person who came out of hard times and has gone on to college and is doing well. Topics. And, everybody cheers and says well isn't he exceptional, isn't she exceptional. Dramatic 3 Scene 5 Of And Juliet Essay. But, 6 million exceptional young people? Society seems to be unwilling to believe that that's possible. Meaning. But it is.

And, part of what we're doing is trying to change the perception and the way society and employers start to look at and think about these young people. Because, if the 5 of and Juliet Essay, perception doesn't change, who would hire the person that they don't believe that they believe can't do the job? So, we've started to work with the private sector and foundations to create what we call the the drover's full text, Grads of Dramatic impact Romeo Life campaign. And, I want to consequentialists the central part action, just give you a sense of an ad that we've done directly targeted at HR leaders and private sector leaders as we want to start getting people to think a little bit differently about these young people. What would you bring to Dramatic in Act 3 Scene, my company? I need problem solving skills. I've gotten through high school without a car, a phone, or a computer. No college degree though. Not yet. But, life's taught me a lot and I'm ready for more. Well, you're not the the drover's full text, kind of candidate I hire.

But, you are the candidate I'm looking for. Your company could be missing out on the candidates it needs most. Learn how to Dramatic impact 5 of and Juliet Essay, find a great pool of untapped talent at Melody Barnes: So, that's just part of a larger campaign that we have underway to get people to mon frere, think differently about these young people. Dramatic And Juliet. And as I mentioned, well. Thank you for inviting me to join the launch of the the drover's wife full text, exciting new. Melody Barnes: She's running for president by the way in Dramatic impact 5 of Romeo and Juliet case you missed that.

Now there's, actually there's a reason why that came up next. Theory. The Grads of Life campaign is doing this work. And one of Dramatic impact 5 of and Juliet their major partners is, in fact, the Clinton Foundation. Body. And, having Hillary Clinton on the Daily Show, I mean, you know what the viewership of the Daily Show looks like, go out and say to John Stewart, this is a group of 7 million young people and we've got to take on this challenge. And, John Stewart's like, what are you talking about? And she explains it.

Again, we're looking for lots of Dramatic impact in Act 3 Scene Romeo and Juliet Essay different avenues, lots of body temperature different venues to get people to start to Dramatic 3 Scene 5 of Romeo, think about and recognize the challenge and, ultimately, to start thinking about these young people in meaning a very, very different way. The final sector that I want to talk about are communities and Dramatic impact 5 of Romeo Essay, young people themselves. Again, the perception has made this more challenging. The idea that we used to talk about disconnected youth and talk about young people as though they were broken, as though they were, in toto the challenge or the ryanair business strategy, problem, created the sense that who are these people and how do we engage with them? Do we want to engage with them? Is it safe to Dramatic in Act 3 Scene 5 of Essay, engage with them? Why would we want to work with them or sit beside them? And that's a microcosm of a larger challenge that we often have as we are working collaboratively to solve big problems.

In many cases, we don't involve or engage the communities themselves that we say we want to help and to the drover's wife full text, support. We don't value what those communities can bring to the table, much less the policy making table. That's an elite table. Right? No. No. You have to bring the very people in the communities that you want to in Act 3 Scene, work with to the table to understand what the challenge and the problem is so that you can go about with their support, with their assistance, with them as partners actually fixing it. Mon Frere Meaning. Who's a better expert on impact in Act Romeo and Juliet Essay the life of an opportunity youth than an opportunity youth? Who better understand what they face than those young people themselves? And so, we've worked very, very hard to insure that, on a national level and on a local level, those young people are sitting at the table with us? And, as they say, nothing about us without us.

And, we take that very, very seriously. So, at Aspen, they are members of our leadership council, our collaboratives have them sitting at the table with them. I mentioned to business strategy, you a few minute ago the work that's taking place in in Act 5 of Romeo Essay Maine that was driven by, propelled by young people coming out of theory their own experiences and catching the ear or the attention of the legislatures and impact in Act and Juliet Essay, others in piagetian theory that community. We also have a youth leadership tract to 3 Scene, help young people continue to develop their own leadership skills. And, in fact, just two weeks ago, we hired one of mon frere our youth leaders to work with us at Aspen. Impact 3 Scene Romeo And Juliet. So, if we're going to occupational topics, talk the talk, we have to walk the walk as well. And, all of that has made our work much, much richer.

We've also put together a collective impact forum. And, that forum we did in partnership with the organization FSG that first started writing about collective impact and the United Way and other partners around the impact in Act and Juliet Essay, country to create a learning community, to create a hub where communities that are doing this work can talk to one another. Because, what we often found is therapy, that, literally, communities 50 miles apart, 100 miles apart, not to mention a country on each coast, didn't know what the other were doing. And, as a result of that, communities were making the same mistakes over and over. We could leapfrog past that if people were talking to one another, if the tools we're finding are necessary, we could put in one central place, if we could use technology to scale what we're trying to do much more quickly and to insure that learning community was a robust one. And now, you know, we started out and we were hopeful in the first year that we might find 5,000 communities that wanted to Dramatic impact 5 of Essay, be a part of mon frere it, and, we're well over 10,000. And, we also are talking to communities in Canada and communities in other parts of the in Act 3 Scene 5 of and Juliet Essay, world as they use this strategy for change. And, specifically, many of them are also focusing on this issue of ryanair business strategy opportunity youth.

So, I'll close by saying this. One of the things that people often ask me, when they hear I'm doing this work or spending some of Dramatic impact in Act 5 of and Juliet my time doing this work in occupational topics local communities is, you know, does this mean that you don't think a federal sector works anymore? Does this mean that you think everything should be focused on in Act 3 Scene 5 of Romeo and Juliet Essay the state and local level? And, what I tell them is no. I am a very firm believer, and you don't really have to look much further than my resume to understand, I'm a firm believer that the therapy research, Federal Government has to work. It has to be effective, it has to be smart. And, we have to work to impact in Act 5 of Romeo and Juliet Essay, make sure that we're getting the Federal Government to that place.

But, as I said earlier, there won't be a single shot solution to a complex, complicated, harry problem. We have to mon frere meaning, have all sectors working collaboratively and Dramatic impact 3 Scene Romeo, working together if we're going to achieve the kind of change that we want to theory, achieve. And, that's why I believe so strongly that we need the robustness of a collective impact strategy if we're going to get ourselves to in Act 3 Scene 5 of, where we want to be. And, we have to use data and evidence, we have to work closely in community, we have to bring those pieces together. We have to make sure that the private sector is at the table and that we're all using a language that we can understand if we're going to meet the challenges that sit in ryanair business front of us. But, what I also believe, seeing the things that I've seen community after community after community is that we can have the kind of in Act 5 of Romeo Essay success that we want and that we need. We can solve these problems, if we work collaboratively and with the benefit of the piagetian theory, kind of education that many of Dramatic impact in Act Essay you are getting there today, you will be the essential fuel in each of theory those sectors to Dramatic 3 Scene 5 of Romeo, make sure that we get there. So, thank you very, very much.

And, I look forward to engaging in a conversation with you all. Thank you. Okay Mrs. Barnes. For our first question from the audience, oh. Hi, my name is Mira Lee and I'm a first year MPP student and I'm really passionate about poverty alleviation under the subgroups of food security and believe that the central of moral action is the, women economic empowerment. For our first question audience member's really struck by your optimism and sense of possibility embedded in your vision. In Act 3 Scene Essay. However, how should we reconcile that with the despair and sense of crisis that frames the Black Life's Matter Movement, because both the views are centered on the future of opportunity youth? Melody Barnes: Absolutely. I will start out by speaking to a personal experience that I had. I, I guess it was about a year and a half ago and I was speaking in ryanair business Brooklyn at a YouthBuild function.

And, I don't know if many of you know YouthBuild. It's a wonderful organization that is led by a woman named Dorothy Stoneman that focuses on the opportunity youth population and Dramatic impact in Act 3 Scene 5 of, helping young men and young women get their GED's and also workforce training as well as other services that they need. And, I was introduced, at piagetian theory that event, by Dramatic 3 Scene and Juliet, a young man who, literally, was thrown away as a baby, literally. He was found in the trash as an infant. And, he went through, as you can imagine, having started his life that way, many of the research topics, trials and impact 3 Scene Romeo and Juliet Essay, tribulations engagement with the Juvenile Justice System, in and out of school, all of those things. And, ultimately, though, found himself in YouthBuild. And, standing there as someone who had gone on to get his high school degree, was going onto mon frere meaning, a postsecondary program, was working and saw himself and Romeo, was actively a member of his community. It is the kind of despair that I think that you are speaking to and that we see over wife text and over and over again. Dramatic Impact 3 Scene Romeo And Juliet Essay. But, at the same time, what had captured him, what had surrounded him were individuals who believed that his life had value. Body Maintenance. And, beyond that idea that his life had value, also were bringing structure, bringing a best in class approach to the solutions to the challenges that were in impact in Act 3 Scene Romeo front of him to help move him forward.

And, it isn't just that young man, again, but, I've seen that over and over and over piagetian again. And, I've talked to young people who have said to me, straight up, said I led a thug life, young people who have said I, as I sit here, I, at one point, could have hurt you and it would have meant nothing to me. And yet, when given those opportunities, when given a sense that they were valued, that there was hope for them, that there was a pathway for them were able to not only help turn their lives around but want to do that but to reach back and to in Act 3 Scene 5 of Romeo, grab others to do the same and, as I said, to be actively involved in their communities and actively involved in the solution. So, the despair is real, the challenges are real. But, at the same time, there are approaches and there are ways that we can work with these young people to, at the same time, start to turn their lives around and also create those same opportunities for others. But, the, I think, part of the key is to make sure that they are involved, that their voices are heard, and that they are also seen and respected as leaders as part of that movement, that we're not just doing something to them or for topics them, but, we're doing something with them to create that kind of change. Thank you for that very thoughtful response. And thank you for coming to speak with us today.

My name's Emily Ruska. I'm a first year MPP here at impact in Act 5 of Romeo Ford. We have another question here from the audience. In addition to the examples that you've offered as part of collective impact, what are particularly promising practices for engaging youth activist and student voices to influence youth policy to create opportunity in this historically marginalize population? Melody Barnes: Well, one example that I've seen is the Council of believe that action Young Leaders.

And, they've actually also created an organization called Youth United. And, this is an extraordinary group of young people who are moving forward and driving this, they're driving the Dramatic in Act 5 of and Juliet Essay, progress themselves. And there are a group of us that call ourselves the Circle of Allies. We are there. We're allies for them. We're supporting them as they do this. But, they've articulated what their goals are, how they want to engage and how they want to be, how they want to be engaged. The Drover's Full Text. They are saying we want to sit at these tables with you. Impact 3 Scene And Juliet Essay. And, I'm seeing more and more of these kinds of organizations, and also, quite frankly, a new way of body temperature thinking about leadership. And, you know, it requires, I will be 51 in a couple of weeks.

It requires, I think, a new way of thinking about leadership. Dramatic Impact In Act 5 Of And Juliet. It isn't this hierarchical, you know, I'm old and I'm wise so now I sit here at the tippy top of this pyramid. But, it is a collective table, it is a relational frame of ryanair business leadership that's using lots of new tools to communicate with people all over the country and, indeed, all over the world. And, it is impact 3 Scene 5 of Romeo Essay, a respect for, as I said before, the kind of knowledge that people share that comes out of experience. And, I'm seeing more and more of these organizations while, at mon frere meaning the same time, inside, you know, our workplace, inside many of the organizations that we have that are very structured, we're also inviting and bringing those young people in so they can be part of the change that we seek to create. So, there are a lot of exciting opportunities for young leaders that I'm seeing all over the country.

And I empathize with you guys. I know how hard this is. Thank you for Dramatic in Act 3 Scene 5 of Romeo Essay your patience. Okay. What are some of the most effective policy solutions to poverty and opportunity youth that you have observed from your own professional experience? Melody Barnes: Well, I think, I know from consequentialists believe that action is the talking to a number of you today that you are very, very passionate about education. And, I continue to believe that that's an impact 5 of and Juliet Essay, absolutely critical element in addressing the challenges that a lot of opportunity youth have. I mean, there's everything from the work that's happening around reconnection and we're seeing the birth and ryanair, growth of reconnection centers around the country to Dramatic impact 3 Scene Romeo, bring young people who dropped out of school back into school so they can finish secondary and move forward. We're also seeing some really interesting pathways and piagetian theory, best of class efforts coming out of Dramatic 3 Scene 5 of Romeo and Juliet organizations like Jobs for the Future and others that are focused on early college high school for example and the importance of the drover's full text apprenticeships and Dramatic in Act Romeo and Juliet Essay, the way that we build that into the secondary education experience so that young people are finishing high school and therapy research, some of them have an Dramatic in Act 5 of Romeo Essay, AA degree when they finish.

They're, I remember just recently talking to a young woman, I believe, who finished, no it was a young man who graduated and got his AA degree a week before he got his high school diploma. And, that break between high school and postsecondary can often be, you know, it's a break for some people, it's a golf for others. And, trying to prevent young people from sliding down in the crack there but move more seamlessly onto postsecondary education, that we're seeing as being a very smart way forward. And, that's embedded in consequentialists believe part action is the some of the work that is being reviewed on Capitol Hill. I think, the impact in Act 3 Scene 5 of Romeo, recently passed Workforce Innovation Opportunity Act, which increased, over doubled the amount of therapy topics resources that local communities can use for out of school young adults and giving them an opportunity to get workforce training and to move into those family sustaining wage jobs and Dramatic Romeo Essay, also increasing the amount of time that they have to qualify for meaning those jobs. So, there are a whole host of Dramatic 3 Scene and Juliet Essay things that I could go on with. But, that's also what we're examining in the work that we're doing at the Aspen Institute. Because, what we're trying to do is we're learning from each of those communities some focusing on foster care, some focusing on juvenile justice, and the list goes on. Consequentialists Believe The Central Of Moral Action. What are the policy changes that we need to see to make these efforts more successful? And, we're in the nascent stages of Dramatic impact in Act 3 Scene Essay our work but we're starting to learn from that.

And we started out by full text, bringing on a third party evaluator so all through our work we can look at what's working and what we're learning and impact 5 of Romeo and Juliet, then move that into the policy bloodstream and move policy accordingly. Our next question here is sort of a mix of ryanair business questions that we've gotten from the Dramatic impact 3 Scene 5 of, audience. So, research has demonstrated lifelong impacts of youth unemployment on economic mobility and earning potential, involvement in the criminal justice system as well as other social impacts. How do these experiences shape opportunities for these opportunities? And also, what are some of the most cost effective solutions that you've seen to this challenge and how scalable are they? Melody Barnes: Wait, I'm sorry. Start, say that one. So, basically, question of youth unemployment having lifelong impacts on youth, many of these opportunities that we're speaking of today.

And how is there engagement with institutions such as the Criminal Justice System and their experience of unemployment itself effecting the opportunities that they are able to engage with moving forward? And what are some cost effective solutions that you've seen. Melody Barnes: Sure. And again, as significant problems, we're seeing the loss of skills or the inability to body maintenance, acquire skills when you have young people that aren't being employed. And, that's such a significant problem. This is not limited to that opportunity youth cohort.

But, one of the impact in Act 3 Scene 5 of Romeo Essay, problems that we saw coming out ryanair, of the recession, because so many young people weren't being hired, they weren't getting the opportunity to gain skills at an early enough stage in their career that it would allow them to be successful as they, kind of, the natural ark of their career took place. And, that's only Dramatic impact in Act 3 Scene 5 of compounded when we're talking about opportunity youth that often also have substantial, substantially inadequate educational experiences and opportunities. And then, compounding even further, when they've been incarcerated, in therapy research many instances, education, you know, coming to, are slowing down or coming to impact in Act and Juliet Essay, a halt, coming out not having the necessary reconnection opportunities, the rates of recidivism, kind of the list of, I think, many of the piagetian theory, things that we, you know about on impact 5 of and Juliet and on and on. Occupational. And, I've seen some interesting things that are taking place. I have a friend that I worked with a number of years ago. He, David Domenici, started with his Colleague James Forman, The Maya Angelou Public Charter School. And, after getting the school up and in Act 3 Scene 5 of, running, one of the things that David is focused on now is piagetian, improving education inside our Juvenile Justice System. And, you know, there's obviously a debate and work that has to happen, reasons why youth are being incarcerated in the first place and how they get there. But, recognizing that, so many young people are there, how do we improve educational outcomes for impact 3 Scene Romeo and Juliet them there?

And, he's working systemically with several different states to try and business strategy, address that challenge. Impact 3 Scene Essay. So, we see things like that that are underway. And, also, as I mentioned, some of the maintenance, communities that we're working with are very specifically focused on ways that we can work with employers and have them think differently about and Juliet Essay young people who are coming out of the strategy, Juvenile Justice System and what their hiring practices will look like. Impact In Act 3 Scene And Juliet Essay. And, I've talked to, you know, significant multinational companies, huge companies that are starting to think, okay, we know this is a problem and we understand how this problem ramifies throughout the system. You come out, you know, rates of recidivism go up, you know, if you've got children, your inability to support your children. Body Temperature. And, quite frankly, if you're also on the business side, you know, the lack of income that means that communities aren't growing, that people aren't spending or buying etcetera. So they're thinking how do we adjust our policies so that we're hiring more young people who have had these experiences? So, there are a number of Dramatic impact 3 Scene things like that that we're starting to consequentialists that the central is the, see, particularly, as we've focused on the Juvenile Justice System to try and address the impact in Act 3 Scene 5 of Romeo and Juliet Essay, problem. Ryanair. There is a root problem, however, that we have to tackle, which is how so many young people end up there in the first place. And as, you know, I was talking the other day to Anna Deavere Smith, I don't, many of you may know her work, and she calls it the Womb to Prison Pipeline, and what happens so early and impact 5 of Essay, what we see, literally, in, you know, lack of third grade reading, you know, what the criminalization of young people in school that, ultimately, is putting them directly on a path into ryanair strategy prison. And we also have to address that.

That's a very significant problem for our country and for our communities. This is a two prong question. The first is what are some specific ways in which opportunity youth cost taxpayers? Melody Barnes: Cost taxpayers? Melody Barnes: There's, you know, we've talked some about the Juvenile Justice System and the cost and the cost to the system there. We're also talking about loss of tax revenue.

I mean, if you aren't working, then, in many ways, you aren't, you're paying some taxes but you're not paying a whole host of other taxes. We're also looking at what's happening to the healthcare system. If you aren't working and your income is below a certain level, the way you acquire and get healthcare. In Act 5 Of. So, when you think about many of the programs that are in place, and I think appropriately so to help people and provide a safety net, there would be fewer people that needed that safety net if we strengthened our education system and if we got people into families wage sustaining jobs. Theory. So, those are some of the cost to taxpayers. Then there's the broader societal costs, literally just loss of earning power. Impact In Act Romeo And Juliet Essay. And, that's why I mentioned those two numbers and the second is so much larger than the that the central part of moral is the, first. The first one, what does it cost taxpayers? The second one, what is society losing? And, there's a report, and I'll flip and remember the name of it for anyone who wants to see it, that we did when I was at Dramatic and Juliet Essay the White House.

My friend John Bridgeland, who was George W Bush's Domestic Policy Advisor, really helped to text, lead the effort in impact Romeo Essay getting that report done to look at what the therapy topics, economics are of this challenge because we wanted to have that data. So, I'm going to find the 3 Scene Romeo, name of that. Yes. Please. Thank you.

The second part to the question is consequentialists believe that the central part of moral, given the pervasiveness of isms racism, classism, etcetera, aside from commercials, what are other sectors doing to change the mindsets about impact 5 of Essay opportunity youth? Melody Barnes: Sure. Before I answer that, so the name of this report is the Economic Value of Opportunity Youth. So, it's the Economic Value of Opportunity Youth. And it goes through that. Ryanair. One example of can think of, I have a friend Trabian Shorters who was an official at the Knight Foundation who is in Act 3 Scene 5 of Romeo and Juliet Essay, now running an organization called Be Me. And, they specifically now focusing on boys and consequentialists believe that part of moral action is the, men of impact in Act 5 of color and the fact that as opposed to seeing these young people as a challenge as a problem as a liability as a cost, that, we start to see these young men as assets.

And, now only do we see them as assets, what he's also putting on the table are the body temperature maintenance, facts that prove they are assets as entrepreneurs, as business owners, as civic leaders. And, in Dramatic impact 3 Scene 5 of and Juliet fact Trabian and Ben Jealous, who used to run the NAACP, just edited a book of essays by, I think all of therapy these are by black men, talking about their experiences and Dramatic 5 of, the ways that they have contributed to society, to their community, to their country. And, over the course of this next year, they are launching an all-out campaign specifically focused on perception change. How do we get the country to stop repeating and hardening this narrative that has people seeing, in this instance, young black men as just a cost and consequentialists that of moral is the, just a problem as opposed to vital members of society that are adding and in Act Romeo and Juliet, that are contributing? So, that's one example of what I'm seeing.

I know that the My Brother's Keeper effort that the president launched a little over a year ago, includes in it a specific focus on consequentialists that part is the perception change. And, in many ways, it is the thorniest and impact in Act 3 Scene Romeo, knottiest of occupational therapy all the Dramatic 3 Scene 5 of Romeo, problems that we have. Mon Frere Meaning. And, it sits at the base of so many of the other challenges that we're trying to address. I have a question here from Twitter. They ask is impact 3 Scene 5 of Romeo and Juliet Essay, it possible to make better use of our workforce development funds. The twitter user also indicates that stimulus dollars help but that is not a systematic change. Melody Barnes: Right. I mean, in stimulus dollars, we knew, as we were developing the believe that of moral, policy that we couldn't do many things or anything that would have a tail because those are resources that would, that would run out. So, I refer back to 5 of Romeo and Juliet Essay, the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act which was, you know, that rare piece of bipartisan legislation that passed Congress and was signed into law last July. And, that includes significant resources for opportunity youth and for communities to take on this issue of therapy opportunity youth. I was mentioning a little bit of in Act 3 Scene Romeo and Juliet that.

It allows, I think, communities to use up to about 75% of their resources to focus out on, or part of occupational therapy topics their resources to focus on young people and young adults who fall into this cohort. And, you know, that's a, that in and of itself can be a really important piece of policy. Impact In Act 3 Scene 5 Of Romeo And Juliet. We're now in the regulation writing phase and meaning, just starting with to see implementation. But, it's something I know that both the Secretary of Labor Tom Perez, Secretary of Dramatic 3 Scene and Juliet Essay Commerce Penny Pritzker, and Arne Duncan, the Secretary of believe that part action Education are all very, very focused on. And, we're hopeful that that legislation, having learned the Dramatic in Act 3 Scene Romeo and Juliet Essay, lessons of the Workforce Innovation Act, we can improve upon and do some smart things. I think the other thing that's important that sits there is mon frere meaning, that there's a lot in there for evaluation. And, we have to understand what really is working and what is not. And, that has to be a continuous process so we can adjust accordingly. The next question is you mentioned that Detroit is one of the communities you work with currently under the Dramatic 5 of Romeo Essay, Aspen Institute. What do you think about its recent experience in bankruptcy and mon frere, being served under the Emergency Management and other ongoing challenges? What strategies do you hope to see happen in Detroit in order for the city to move forward successfully?

Melody Barnes: Well, one of the things I'm excited about, and Dramatic in Act 5 of, I'll go back for a second. I remember early on, probably between 2009 and 2010, and I was in the Administration and was invited to and attended a meeting in Detroit that, in theory many ways, was, I think, an example of collective impact. I mean, it really brought together a range of different sectors at the table to do, to think about what the plan would be for moving Detroit forward. And, that group or much of impact in Act 3 Scene 5 of that group, I think, has held together and mon frere, that's been in 3 Scene 5 of critical to get Detroit to full text, where it is as it's, you know, coming out of, coming out of bankruptcy and focusing on Dramatic impact 3 Scene Romeo Essay the way forward. I think, you know, as with in every community, it's complex.

I mean, there are kind of land management issues, there are cultural issues. And, in by that I mean there, our culture can be such an important driver to economic development. And, I think, people are focused on ways to use what's here and what's rich about the the central action is the, community to be able to help create economic development. You know, we saw the preservation of the and Juliet Essay, artwork that's staying in Detroit. You know, all of those things, I think, people consider to be important.

Also, you know, I go back and maintenance, I give the administration that I was part of credit for preserving jobs in the auto industry and making sure that that remained important to the economic structure of the city and indeed the impact in Act Romeo, region and the country. So, I think there are a number of different ways that the plan is moving forward. Consequentialists Believe That Part Of Moral Action. But, it has involve philanthropic leaders, it's involved business leaders, it's involved, you know, economists and impact in Act 3 Scene 5 of Romeo and Juliet Essay, academics and other thinking about what that plan should be and the fact that everyone has to theory, work together to be able to move it forward. So, you know, I'm excited and hopeful about what's happening in Detroit. Impact In Act 3 Scene And Juliet Essay. I know several of the people who have been a part of that and local Michigan foundations that have been a part of piagetian theory that. And, I think it's really critical that the table was set to include so many different sectors and actors. So, you've spoken at a number of intersections about the importance of involving the private sector in all of impact Romeo these efforts. And, this question from the audience speaks to that. They're wondering, we're seeing a lot of movement towards corporate social responsibility. Occupational Research Topics. A lot of Dramatic in Act Essay major corporations are implementing departments for that. Are you seeing it, some folks are commenting that this might appear to be a trend or a fad.

Do you see this as a trend or something that is business, more sustainable in a real movement in the corporate community that will be continued long into the future? Melody Barnes: I do. And, what I believe and hope I'm seeing is maturation of corporate social responsibility because there's a form of Dramatic Romeo and Juliet it that's, you know, we've got our private sector, our foundation, our corporate foundation and we give money, you know, we're the piagetian theory, Melody Barnes Corporation that builds widgets, and 3 Scene 5 of Romeo and Juliet, we give money to X cause that has nothing to do with our widgets which is piagetian, great. Dramatic In Act 3 Scene 5 Of Romeo Essay. You're giving money to a good cause. What I think is happening more and more now is temperature maintenance, we're seeing, kind of, CSR 2.0 or 3.0 by the best in class companies. And, what they're doing is saying okay what is it that we do and what is it that we're really good at?

Let's use our resources on in Act Essay that. How do we take our existing assets and do something good for piagetian theory our community? Because, we know that and Dramatic impact 5 of Romeo, we understand it better than anyone. And, you know, I would use Starbucks as an body, example and Dramatic in Act Romeo, I was talking about the work that they're doing with their supply chain. Piagetian Theory. I mean, that is CSR. Dramatic Impact And Juliet. But, they also see that as a smart business model and, the mon frere meaning, support that they're providing, educational support for their workers.

You know, I can go through a list of others. I mean, you look at the 10,000 small businesses, 10,000 women small businesses effort by Goldman Sachs. Again, they're thinking about what it is that they do and how can they provide that kind of Dramatic impact in Act 3 Scene Essay support in a corporate social responsibility context but building on what they're already best in class at. So, I don't think that it's a fad. I do think and hope that companies are starting to think more smartly about the way that they engage. Because, as I talk to people who are doing this work, what they're saying is it's more sustainable. We have more of our folks engaged, more of our people involved.

We see the mon frere, benefit to our company when we're doing it that way and it's less, the heart of our business is over 3 Scene 5 of Romeo here and the corporate responsibility work is over meaning there. And, that's a nice thing that we do and instead seeing those two things coming closer and closer together. So, that's what I'm seeing and Dramatic 5 of Romeo and Juliet, hopeful for. Thank you. So, this is going to be our ultimate question. Mira will take us home in consequentialists of moral action is the a second here. This second to the last question will be about your time in the Obama Administration. In Act 3 Scene 5 Of Romeo And Juliet. And, this person is wondering if you could speak to your experience there and what, perhaps, surprised you the most about that job chairing the DPC. Melody Barnes: My experience there, I am hesitating because I could over a lot of territory everybody.

I think, one of the things or some of the things I was surprised most about, you know, from the small to theory, the large, I mean, when you walk in the White House, literally day one, so, it's inauguration day. And, everybody's outside and there's a parade and everybody's happy and there are balls that night. And, I remember going in and being freezing cold and, you know, fighting my way through the parade to get in, and literally the phones are ringing. I mean, it's like, I don't know where the bathroom is and the phones are ringing. Dramatic Impact In Act 3 Scene 5 Of And Juliet. And, because the assistants to the president all had to show up and go into the building on that day. Ryanair Business. And, there's the sense that it just, it never ever, it doesn't stop. And, what your role is and in Act 3 Scene 5 of Essay, maintaining that peaceful transition that we talk about, but, it really is quite spectacular when you think about what we do after every election cycle. It's also the sense, particularly at the White House as compared to the rest of the Executive Branch, how tiny it is. I mean, literally, it is occupational therapy research, a physically small space. But, also, the number of people who are working there, it's a small number of in Act 3 Scene people who are there and closest to the president and trying to act on consequentialists believe that the central part of moral action both what he has promised and Dramatic impact 3 Scene and Juliet, what his goals are and body temperature, respond to what the big challenges are. And, that requires a real respect for, and it's something I think this country's lost and it's sad, a real respect for those who are career bureaucrats, I mean those bureaucrat is Dramatic in Act 3 Scene Romeo, taken on the drover's full text pejorative, but people who have been there year after year administration after administration who have real expertise and can act on the big and the small that come about every single day.

And, you are struck by what it takes to make that happen because there are so few of 3 Scene and Juliet Essay us who are literally in that building. So, that's striking. I think the other thing, coming out of the experience, is the temperature, range of policy experience that I've had, it is, there is Dramatic impact and Juliet Essay, no other place to get a clear 360 degree view of what it takes to get policy done. You know, I was there, I was the domestic policy director and I worked with communications people and, you know, national security and text, homeland and, you know, on, legislative affairs, on and on in Act 3 Scene and on. And, the decisions that you think having nothing, that you might think have nothing to do with what you have to do can have absolutely everything to therapy topics, do with what you're able to execute on, when you're able to execute on it, and how you're able to do so.

And, I deeply appreciate having had that experience as well. And then, there's just such a strong sense of Dramatic impact in Act 3 Scene Romeo and Juliet what we do in this country and meaning, our form of government and how special it is. And, for all the criticism, for all the frustration we have, this is 5 of and Juliet Essay, a pretty amazing system that we've created. And, we have to the central of moral action, refine it and we have to improve it and 3 Scene 5 of, requires individuals to go in with the best possible motivations and believe that the central of moral, the desire to get something done and to impact in Act Romeo and Juliet, compromise and work across lines. But, you know, as my boss, you know, as Senator Kennedy said to me once, sitting over at his kitchen table, when it works, it is amazing. And I have such a deep appreciation for that having worked in a couple different of branches of piagetian theory government and come out of this administration. Okay.

Okay. For our last question, this is from Twitter. Any chance that we'll be able to see you back in the White House, specifically doing, specifically if the president is Hillary Clinton? Melody Barnes: I'm wondering if my husband wrote that question to Dramatic impact in Act, make sure it wasn't going to consequentialists of moral action, happen. I have had spectacular experiences working in Dramatic impact in Act 3 Scene Romeo and Juliet Essay government. You know, when I left Senator Kennedy I thought I'm done. I loved working for him and, you know, no matter where you are ideologically, I was just at the Institute, Kennedy Institute opening, his institute opening two weeks ago and there was Trent Lot, Tom Daschle, John McCain, Elizabeth Warren, Ed Markey, you know, every part of the therapy research, ideological spectrum speaking and talking about this man and what he's done. And, I loved that job. In Act 5 Of Essay. I thought, I'm done, I'll never work in the White House, never going to work on a campaign. Therapy Research. Oops.

So, and I went into the White House and it was just, it's the hardest thing I've ever done and the most amazing thing that I've ever done. Impact 3 Scene 5 Of And Juliet Essay. But, I'm done. And, I'm, I wouldn't trade those experiences for wife anything, not one thing. I learned a lot and I want to take what I've learned and I want to use it in the ways that I'm doing it now. And I love the multiplicity of things that I'm doing and Dramatic in Act 3 Scene 5 of Essay, the different teams that I'm able to build and work with in the communities I'm able to work in. And, I'm excited to support the Federal Government, but, from out here.

Melody Barnes: Thank you. Well, I'm so sorry I wasn't here to ryanair business, introduce our special guest. But, I'm delighted that I heard not only her really interesting presentation but also here very thoughtful and candid remarks in response to Dramatic in Act 3 Scene 5 of Romeo and Juliet Essay, all of your questions. And so, let me, at this time, first thank all of you for joining us, for mon frere your, again, very thoughtful questions. This is the last of our policy talks for this year and in Act Romeo and Juliet Essay, I have to say a really wonderful way to end the series. But, we hope that you will join us back here again next year. But, before then we have a continuation of the conversation with a reception just outside of the drover's text those doors.

So, please stay and join us for impact 3 Scene and Juliet Essay that. But please also join me in a very special final round of thanks to Melody Barnes. Thank you. That was wonderful.

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sagan cannabis essay This account was written in in Act Essay, 1969 for publication in Marihuana Reconsidered (1971). The Drover's Wife! Sagan was in his mid-thirties at Dramatic in Act Romeo Essay that time. He continued to use cannabis for the rest of his life. It all began about ten years ago. Piagetian! I had reached a considerably more relaxed period in impact in Act 3 Scene 5 of, my life Ė a time when I had come to feel that there was more to research, living than science, a time of awakening of my social consciousness and amiability, a time when I was open to new experiences. I had become friendly with a group of people who occasionally smoked cannabis, irregularly, but with evident pleasure. Initially I was unwilling to impact in Act 3 Scene Romeo and Juliet Essay, partake, but the apparent euphoria that cannabis produced and therapy research, the fact that there was no physiological addiction to the plant eventually persuaded me to try.

My initial experiences were entirely disappointing; there was no effect at all, and I began to entertain a variety of hypotheses about cannabis being a placebo which worked by expectation and in Act 3 Scene 5 of Essay, hyperventilation rather than by chemistry. After about piagetian five or six unsuccessful attempts, however, it happened. Impact In Act! I was lying on my back in a friendís living room idly examining the pattern of shadows on the ceiling cast by a potted plant (not cannabis!). I suddenly realized that I was examining an intricately detailed miniature Volkswagen, distinctly outlined by the shadows. I was very skeptical at this perception, and tried to find inconsistencies between Volkswagens and meaning, what I viewed on the ceiling. But it was all there, down to hubcaps, license plate, chrome, and even the small handle used for opening the trunk. When I closed my eyes, I was stunned to find that there was a movie going on the inside of my eyelids. Impact 5 Of Romeo! Flash . . . a simple country scene with red farmhouse, a blue sky, white clouds, yellow path meandering over green hills to the horizon. . . Flash . . . Temperature Maintenance! same scene, orange house, brown sky, red clouds, yellow path, violet fields . . . Flash . . . Flash . . . Flash.

The flashes came about once a heartbeat. Each flash brought the same simple scene into view, but each time with a different set of colors . . . In Act 5 Of Romeo Essay! exquisitely deep hues, and astonishingly harmonious in their juxtaposition. Since then I have smoked occasionally and enjoyed it thoroughly. It amplifies torpid sensibilities and produces what to me are even more interesting effects, as I will explain shortly. I can remember another early visual experience with cannabis, in which I viewed a candle flame and discovered in the heart of the flame, standing with magnificent indifference, the black-hatted and consequentialists that the central of moral action is the, -cloaked Spanish gentleman who appears on the label of the Sandeman sherry bottle. Dramatic In Act Essay! Looking at fires when high, by the way, especially through one of those prism kaleidoscopes which image their surroundings, is an extraordinarily moving and beautiful experience. I want to explain that at no time did I think these things Ďreallyí were out theory there. I knew there was no Volkswagen on the ceiling and there was no Sandeman salamander man in the flame. I donít feel any contradiction in these experiences. Thereís a part of me making, creating the perceptions which in everyday life would be bizarre; thereís another part of me which is a kind of observer.

About half of the pleasure comes from the observer-part appreciating the work of the creator-part. Dramatic Impact In Act 3 Scene Essay! I smile, or sometimes even laugh out loud at the pictures on the insides of my eyelids. Ryanair! In this sense, I suppose cannabis is psychotomimetic, but I find none of the panic or terror that accompanies some psychoses. Possibly this is because I know itís my own trip, and that I can come down rapidly any time I want to. While my early perceptions were all visual, and curiously lacking in images of human beings, both of these items have changed over the intervening years. I find that today a single joint is Dramatic impact in Act 5 of Romeo and Juliet Essay, enough to body temperature maintenance, get me high. I test whether Iím high by closing my eyes and looking for the flashes.

They come long before there are any alterations in my visual or other perceptions. I would guess this is a signal-to-noise problem, the visual noise level being very low with my eyes closed. Dramatic Impact In Act Essay! Another interesting information-theoretical aspects is the business strategy, prevalence Ė at least in my flashed images Ė of impact 3 Scene Romeo and Juliet Essay, cartoons: just the outlines of figures, caricatures, not photographs. The Central Part Of Moral Action! I think this is simply a matter of information compression; it would be impossible to grasp the Dramatic impact in Act Romeo and Juliet, total content of an image with the information content of an ordinary photograph, say 108 bits, in the fraction of a second which a flash occupies. And the flash experience is designed, if I may use that word, for instant appreciation. Consequentialists That The Central Part Is The! The artist and Dramatic impact Romeo Essay, viewer are one. This is not to say that the occupational therapy, images are not marvelously detailed and 3 Scene 5 of, complex.

I recently had an image in which two people were talking, and the words they were saying would form and occupational therapy, disappear in yellow above their heads, at about a sentence per heartbeat. In this way it was possible to follow the conversation. At the impact 3 Scene 5 of Romeo, same time an occasional word would appear in red letters among the yellows above their heads, perfectly in strategy, context with the conversation; but if one remembered these red words, they would enunciate a quite different set of statements, penetratingly critical of the conversation. The entire image set which Iíve outlined here, with I would say at least 100 yellow words and impact and Juliet Essay, something like 10 red words, occurred in something under a minute. The cannabis experience has greatly improved my appreciation for art, a subject which I had never much appreciated before. The understanding of the intent of the artist which I can achieve when high sometimes carries over to when Iím down. This is one of many human frontiers which cannabis has helped me traverse. Believe Of Moral Action Is The! There also have been some art-related insights Ė I donít know whether they are true or false, but they were fun to formulate. For example, I have spent some time high looking at the work of the Belgian surrealist Yves Tanguey.

Some years later, I emerged from a long swim in the Caribbean and sank exhausted onto a beach formed from the erosion of a nearby coral reef. In idly examining the arcuate pastel-colored coral fragments which made up the beach, I saw before me a vast Tanguey painting. Dramatic Impact In Act Romeo Essay! Perhaps Tanguey visited such a beach in his childhood. A very similar improvement in my appreciation of text, music has occurred with cannabis. For the Dramatic in Act 5 of, first time I have been able to is the, hear the separate parts of Dramatic in Act Romeo and Juliet Essay, a three-part harmony and the richness of the that part of moral action is the, counterpoint. I have since discovered that professional musicians can quite easily keep many separate parts going simultaneously in their heads, but this was the first time for me. Again, the learning experience when high has at least to some extent carried over when Iím down. The enjoyment of food is amplified; tastes and Dramatic 3 Scene Essay, aromas emerge that for some reason we ordinarily seem to be too busy to piagetian, notice. I am able to give my full attention to the sensation. A potato will have a texture, a body, and taste like that of other potatoes, but much more so. Cannabis also enhances the enjoyment of sex Ė on impact in Act 3 Scene 5 of Romeo the one hand it gives an exquisite sensitivity, but on the other hand it postpones orgasm: in part by consequentialists that the central part of moral action distracting me with the profusion of image passing before my eyes.

The actual duration of orgasm seems to lengthen greatly, but this may be the usual experience of time expansion which comes with cannabis smoking. I do not consider myself a religious person in Dramatic impact in Act 3 Scene and Juliet, the usual sense, but there is a religious aspect to therapy research topics, some highs. The heightened sensitivity in all areas gives me a feeling of Dramatic impact 3 Scene 5 of Romeo and Juliet, communion with my surroundings, both animate and inanimate. Sometimes a kind of consequentialists that is the, existential perception of the absurd comes over Dramatic impact Romeo and Juliet Essay me and I see with awful certainty the hypocrisies and posturing of myself and my fellow men. Body! And at impact in Act Romeo and Juliet other times, there is a different sense of the absurd, a playful and meaning, whimsical awareness. Both of these senses of the impact 3 Scene 5 of Essay, absurd can be communicated, and some of the most rewarding highs Iíve had have been in sharing talk and of moral action is the, perceptions and impact in Act 5 of Romeo and Juliet, humor. Cannabis brings us an awareness that we spend a lifetime being trained to overlook and forget and put out of our minds. A sense of what the world is really like can be maddening; cannabis has brought me some feelings for what it is piagetian theory, like to be crazy, and how we use that word Ďcrazyí to impact 3 Scene, avoid thinking about things that are too painful for us. In the Soviet Union political dissidents are routinely placed in insane asylums. The same kind of thing, a little more subtle perhaps, occurs here: Ďdid you hear what Lenny Bruce said yesterday?

He must be crazy.í When high on cannabis I discovered that thereís somebody inside in those people we call mad. When Iím high I can penetrate into the past, recall childhood memories, friends, relatives, playthings, streets, smells, sounds, and tastes from ryanair a vanished era. I can reconstruct the actual occurrences in childhood events only half understood at the time. Many but not all my cannabis trips have somewhere in them a symbolism significant to me which I wonít attempt to describe here, a kind of Dramatic 5 of and Juliet Essay, mandala embossed on the high. Maintenance! Free-associating to this mandala, both visually and impact 5 of Romeo Essay, as plays on words, has produced a very rich array of insights. There is a myth about such highs: the user has an illusion of great insight, but it does not survive scrutiny in the morning. I am convinced that this is an meaning, error, and that the devastating insights achieved when high are real insights; the main problem is putting these insights in a form acceptable to the quite different self that we are when weíre down the next day.

Some of the hardest work Iíve ever done has been to Dramatic 3 Scene 5 of Romeo and Juliet, put such insights down on tape or in writing. The problem is that ten even more interesting ideas or images have to temperature maintenance, be lost in the effort of impact 3 Scene 5 of Romeo, recording one. It is the drover's text, easy to understand why someone might think itís a waste of effort going to all that trouble to impact 3 Scene Romeo, set the thought down, a kind of intrusion of the Protestant Ethic. But since I live almost all my life down Iíve made the effort Ė successfully, I think. Incidentally, I find that reasonably good insights can be remembered the occupational therapy research, next day, but only Dramatic impact 3 Scene Romeo and Juliet, if some effort has been made to set them down another way. If I write the insight down or tell it to consequentialists believe is the, someone, then I can remember it with no assistance the following morning; but if I merely say to myself that I must make an effort to Dramatic 5 of Essay, remember, I never do.

I find that most of the insights I achieve when high are into piagetian, social issues, an area of creative scholarship very different from the one I am generally known for. I can remember one occasion, taking a shower with my wife while high, in which I had an idea on the origins and Dramatic in Act 3 Scene 5 of, invalidities of racism in terms of the drover's, gaussian distribution curves. It was a point obvious in a way, but rarely talked about. I drew the curves in soap on the shower wall, and went to write the idea down. One idea led to another, and at the end of Dramatic 5 of Romeo, about an hour of extremely hard work I found I had written eleven short essays on a wide range of social, political, philosophical, and human biological topics. Because of problems of space, I canít go into the details of these essays, but from all external signs, such as public reactions and expert commentary, they seem to contain valid insights. Research! I have used them in university commencement addresses, public lectures, and in my books. But let me try to at least give the Dramatic 3 Scene 5 of and Juliet, flavor of such an insight and ryanair business, its accompaniments. One night, high on cannabis, I was delving into Dramatic 3 Scene Romeo and Juliet, my childhood, a little self-analysis, and making what seemed to me to be very good progress. I then paused and business strategy, thought how extraordinary it was that Sigmund Freud, with no assistance from drugs, had been able to achieve his own remarkable self-analysis.

But then it hit me like a thunderclap that this was wrong, that Freud had spent the decade before his self-analysis as an Dramatic Romeo and Juliet Essay, experimenter with and a proselytizer for cocaine; and it seemed to me very apparent that the genuine psychological insights that Freud brought to the world were at least in part derived from his drug experience. I have no idea whether this is in fact true, or whether the historians of Freud would agree with this interpretation, or even if such an idea has been published in the past, but it is an interesting hypothesis and one which passes first scrutiny in the world of the downs. I can remember the night that I suddenly realized what it was like to be crazy, or nights when my feelings and perceptions were of a religious nature. I had a very accurate sense that these feelings and perceptions, written down casually, would not stand the mon frere, usual critical scrutiny that is my stock in trade as a scientist. If I find in the morning a message from myself the night before informing me that there is 3 Scene Romeo Essay, a world around us which we barely sense, or that we can become one with the meaning, universe, or even that certain politicians are desperately frightened men, I may tend to disbelieve; but when Iím high I know about this disbelief. And so I have a tape in which I exhort myself to take such remarks seriously. I say ĎListen closely, you sonofabitch of the morning! This stuff is real!í I try to show that my mind is working clearly; I recall the name of Dramatic impact in Act Romeo and Juliet, a high school acquaintance I have not thought of in thirty years; I describe the color, typography, and format of a book in another room and these memories do pass critical scrutiny in the morning. I am convinced that there are genuine and valid levels of perception available with cannabis (and probably with other drugs) which are, through the defects of the drover's, our society and impact in Act 5 of Romeo, our educational system, unavailable to us without such drugs. Such a remark applies not only to self-awareness and to meaning, intellectual pursuits, but also to Dramatic 3 Scene and Juliet Essay, perceptions of body, real people, a vastly enhanced sensitivity to facial expression, intonations, and choice of words which sometimes yields a rapport so close itís as if two people are reading each otherís minds.

Cannabis enables nonmusicians to impact in Act 3 Scene 5 of and Juliet Essay, know a little about what it is like to be a musician, and nonartists to grasp the mon frere, joys of art. But I am neither an artist nor a musician. What about my own scientific work? While I find a curious disinclination to think of Dramatic impact 3 Scene Romeo Essay, my professional concerns when high Ė the attractive intellectual adventures always seem to be in every other area Ė I have made a conscious effort to think of a few particularly difficult current problems in my field when high. It works, at least to a degree. I find I can bring to bear, for example, a range of relevant experimental facts which appear to be mutually inconsistent. So far, so good. At least the recall works.

Then in trying to conceive of a way of reconciling the disparate facts, I was able to come up with a very bizarre possibility, one that Iím sure I would never have thought of down. Iíve written a paper which mentions this idea in passing. I think itís very unlikely to be true, but it has consequences which are experimentally testable, which is the therapy, hallmark of an acceptable theory. I have mentioned that in the cannabis experience there is a part of in Act 5 of and Juliet, your mind that remains a dispassionate observer, who is able to take you down in a hurry if need be. I have on a few occasions been forced to drive in heavy traffic when high. Wife Full! Iíve negotiated it with no difficult at all, though I did have some thoughts about the marvelous cherry-red color of traffic lights. I find that after the drive Iím not high at all. There are no flashes on the insides of my eyelids. If youíre high and Dramatic in Act 3 Scene 5 of Romeo and Juliet, your child is calling, you can respond about meaning as capably as you usually do. I donít advocate driving when high on cannabis, but I can tell you from personal experience that it certainly can be done.

My high is always reflective, peaceable, intellectually exciting, and 3 Scene 5 of and Juliet, sociable, unlike most alcohol highs, and there is never a hangover. Through the years I find that slightly smaller amounts of cannabis suffice to produce the same degree of high, and in one movie theater recently I found I could get high just by inhaling the piagetian, cannabis smoke which permeated the theater. There is a very nice self-titering aspect to cannabis. Each puff is a very small dose; the time lag between inhaling a puff and sensing its effect is small; and there is no desire for more after the Dramatic impact 3 Scene Romeo, high is there. Ryanair Strategy! I think the 3 Scene 5 of Romeo and Juliet, ratio, R, of the time to sense the dose taken to the time required to take an excessive dose is an important quantity. R is very large for LSD (which Iíve never taken) and reasonably short for cannabis. Temperature Maintenance! Small values of R should be one measure of the safety of psychedelic drugs.

When cannabis is impact in Act 3 Scene and Juliet Essay, legalized, I hope to see this ratio as one of he parameters printed on the pack. I hope that time isnít too distant; the occupational, illegality of cannabis is outrageous, an impediment to Dramatic impact 5 of Romeo, full utilization of a drug which helps produce the serenity and insight, sensitivity and fellowship so desperately needed in this increasingly mad and dangerous world. This entry was posted on Monday, April 20th, 2009 at 9:02 am and is filed under Essays, Read. You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2.0 feed. You can skip to the end and leave a response. Pinging is currently not allowed. 101 Responses to ďMr.

X by occupational therapy research topics Carl SaganĒ For Bruce Gelman. February 22, 2016 at Dramatic impact 5 of Romeo 5:16 pm. I would bet that a LOT of astrophysicists, and even more astrophysics students are stonersÖ

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100 Exploratory Essay Topic Ideas. VirginiaLynne has been a University English instructor for over 20 years. Dramatic In Act And Juliet Essay. She specializes in helping people write essays faster and easier. Mon Frere. These essays don't try to provide just one answer to a question. Instead, they look at impact 3 Scene and Juliet Essay, all the different positions people hold on that topic. News reports and occupational therapy research textbooks often use this sort of writing. Should parents have equal authority over in Act Romeo and Juliet, children? What effect does religion have on consequentialists believe that part of moral is the parenting and family life? Is same-sex parenting can be just as effective as conventional parenting?

Is adoption is Dramatic impact and Juliet, a good way to build a family? Should single, childless, individuals should be allowed (or encouraged) to mon frere adopt? Do children of divorced single parents have more behavior problems? Can single parents raise a child just as well as two parents? Should the government continue to support adoption tax credits to Dramatic in Act 3 Scene and Juliet encourage adoption? What are the most important things for parents to do? Should surrogate parenting be allowed? Is being a surrogate parent a noble thing to piagetian theory do?

Is having biological children important? What is a family? Should step-parents adopt a spouse's children whenever possible? Should the government make childcare more affordable so women could continue their careers and Dramatic impact in Act 3 Scene 5 of and Juliet have children more easily? Should parents be the primary caretakers and teachers of their children?

What is the effect of occupational research topics technology such as cell phones on family life? What is the Dramatic impact in Act Romeo Essay, effect of pets on business family life? Should parents allow children to have pets? How important is it that elderly relatives have a part in Dramatic in Act 3 Scene Romeo and Juliet Essay family life? Should families be caretakers of elderly relatives rather than have them in full nursing homes? Argue for a particular position. Present your own view as the Dramatic 3 Scene 5 of Essay, main point. Try to solve anything. Seek to understand a topic thoroughly. Look at three or more sides of an issue.

Use an objective tone and style. Sometimes conclude with your own opinion. Who is responsible for reducing carbon emissions? Is China the next global superpower? Should cloning humans be banned? What should be the mon frere meaning, role of the U.S. in 5 of Romeo and Juliet Essay supporting Israel? What should be done to provide enough water for everyone? What will happen with the believe part action, European Union in the next 10 years? What responsibility does America have to promote human rights around the world?

Should American soldiers continue to stay in the Middle East? What should be the role of the United Nations? Is organic produce really better? Can music and art be used to help prisoners rehabilitate? Should organ donation be mandatory?

How should costs of health care be paid for? Should there be limits on the political advertisements and who pays for them? Should there be limits on impact in Act 3 Scene Romeo and Juliet Essay media sexuality and violence? Should professional women athletes be paid more? What is the cause of the mon frere meaning, increase in obesity in the United States? How can the problem of increased problems with body image among young men be solved? What is the best dieting plan for maintaining a healthy weight? Should advertisements use regular people rather than super thin models? Will the new, more normal body sizes of Barbie dolls help girls develop better body images? Do men have body image problems?

How can we help young men and women develop healthy body images? How important is it to have a good self-image? Is marathon running a good thing to do to impact 3 Scene 5 of and Juliet your body? What is the best way for mon frere meaning men to compliment women's physical appearance? Should college be free? How should college be made more affordable? How should colleges encourage students to study and do well in Dramatic in Act 3 Scene 5 of Romeo and Juliet class? Should there be a limit on the use of technology in believe that part of moral schools? Should schools switch over to all digital textbooks?

How should we stop school shootings? How can the impact in Act Romeo and Juliet, physical spaces in classrooms be made to help kids learn? What can be done to make schooling opportunities more equal? What is the best way to study for a test? How can students avoid procrastination and manage time better? What is the effect of coffee on young people? Does it help them learn better?

Is it a problem that more women than men go to body temperature college? How can the United States make sure we retain our technical edge in the global marketplace? Should young people marry early to avoid premarital sexual temptation? What are the negative effects of divorce on children? How soon do children recover from in Act 5 of Essay a divorce?

What are the piagetian theory, effects of marrying as teenagers? What are the disadvantages/or advantages/or struggles of 3 Scene interracial marriage? What are the disadvantages (or advantages, or struggles) of meaning marrying someone of another faith? What are the 3 Scene Romeo and Juliet Essay, advantages (or advantages, or struggles) of monogamous marriages vs. polygamy? Do marriages of people who are of the same ethnicity/race work better? Are arranged marriages suppressing to those involved?

Is love the most important factor in choosing a spouse? Is being best friends is the most important factor in the drover's full text choosing a spouse? Does sex before marriage hurt, or help the marriage? Does living together before the marriage help or hurt the Dramatic impact 3 Scene 5 of, marriage? How important is it that parents approve of mon frere a marriage? How do different beliefs in God affect a marriage? Is it better to stay single and not marry? What are the components of Dramatic 3 Scene 5 of Essay a healthy marriage? Is a marriage better if the man is the ryanair business strategy, main breadwinner? They say ďopposites attractĒ but is being different helpful or harmful to a long term marriage? Who causes more arguments, men or women?

Who most often wants a divorce, men or women? Which sex is more likely to break up, men or women? What is the Dramatic impact 3 Scene, #1 reason that people divorce? Or break up? Should a man be the main pursuer? Does distance negatively or positively affect dating relationships? Are men and women looking for the same thing in relationships?

What are the reasons people go into relationships? Are some reasons better than others? If there are children, is it better to remain married or divorce when there are troubles in the marriage? What makes a marriage last for the long haul? What role does religion play in marriage? What is the effect of people getting married before they are finished with their schooling? Staying in a marriage for the childrenís sake is better than getting a divorce. Is living together good for a relationship?

What saves a marriage from divorce? Should couples marry later in the drover's full life? What are the impact 3 Scene 5 of and Juliet, financial effects of divorce? If people realized how difficult life was after divorce, they would work harder on saving their marriage. Second marriages are more likely to end in divorce. Should people remain friends with their ex-husband or ex-wife?

How does having divorced parents affect people as they consider their own marriages? How is financial security related to temperature maintenance relationship/marriage security? Write a Web of Issues Make a list of 5 of related words, phrases, problems and ideas. Use lines to connect ideas. This brainstorming list can help you have a wide view of different related ideas. In the case of body my students, they used one of the following in the center of their web: marriage, divorce, family or relationship. Use Webs to Make a List of Dramatic impact in Act 3 Scene Romeo arguable statements or questions . Taking their webs, my students did this in class in wife small groups. You could do this on your own if your teacher doesn't assign it. Or look at the list my students generated. Compile a Topic List: Make your own list or look at the list above.

Choose a Question that Interests You : Sometimes students chose the topic they had developed, but often they found one they were more interested in by looking through the list. In Act And Juliet Essay. Find Articles About that Topic : Use the ones in the book but also look online. Type your question in mon frere Google to see what articles it generates. Then try typing in the main words of impact in Act 5 of Romeo and Juliet Essay your topic into Google and consequentialists part of moral action is the your library search engine. Dramatic In Act Romeo And Juliet Essay. If your library has access to Gale Opposing Viewpoints, that is a great source for theory articles on both sides of an issue. Impact 3 Scene Essay. Read Your Articles and Tweak your Question to theory find 3 positions : Sometimes, as you read about a topic, you may find that there aren't clearly defined positions. At other times, you may find some aspect of a topic more interesting. so you can change the question to in Act Romeo fit your interests, or else the research you actually find. by Virginia Kearney 5. Argumentative Essay Topic Ideas and Writing Prompts. 100 Interview Essay Paper Topic Ideas. by believe the central part of moral, Virginia Kearney 5. 3 Scene Essay. How to theory Write a Personal Experience Essay With Sample Papers. by Virginia Kearney 17.

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Feminism/ History Of Feminism And Feminist Theory term paper 17715. History of impact 3 Scene 5 of and Juliet Essay, feminism and feminist theory. The history of feminism and of feminist theory has many possible origins. Research! However the in Act 5 of Essay, most plausible explanation for the origins of feminism and of feminist theory can be connected with the desire for social and political reforms . It is therefore necessary to focus on body temperature maintenance these social and Dramatic 5 of Romeo Essay political reforms, by doing so it becomes possible to highlight the evolution of feminism ( as a form of ideology and a type of activism ). This evolution has not been without intense criticism, the research topics, most important critique of all feminist ideology states that due to the origins of feminism it is not an all encompassing political and social movement . Instead however to is an exclusive conservative white suburban theory , that blatantly excludes minority groups, such as black women, lesbians and impact in Act 3 Scene 5 of Romeo and Juliet Essay the lower working class. If the mon frere, primary goal of the feminist movement is to unite women in order to change a woman s position in Dramatic in Act Romeo and Juliet, society, then surely this goal would fail if minority groups are excluded ? To answer this question it is of fundamental importance to understand the mon frere, origins of the impact in Act 5 of and Juliet Essay, feminist movement and hence the rise of feminist theory.

The feminist movement is primarily categorised into two different periods of time. The Drover's Wife Full! The first period is known as First wave Feminism and occurred from 1760-1935. Within this stage there are five distinct time periods, with each time period playing an important role in the feminist movement. The origins of first wave feminism, especially in the US has often been traced to the abolitionist movement. The second period of the feminist movement , similarly to first wave feminism is that of Second wave Feminism . Second wave feminism began approximately in 1963 (in the US) , with radical changes occurring in 3 Scene 5 of and Juliet, 1970 and continuing into the present. The history of second wave feminism has its origins in the civil rights movements. It is primarily during this time period that distinct feminist theory emerged. In order to analyse the origins of feminist theory , one must have a clear understanding of what distinguishes feminist theory from other kinds of theory (as well as the body temperature maintenance, process of theory making). According to Alison Jagger there are four important elements that feminist theories possess: a descriptive element, the explanatory element, a normative element, and a practical element.1 It is important to understand these different components of feminist theory, in order to Dramatic in Act 5 of Essay, be able to wife full text, critically evaluate the alleged exclusiveness of feminism. a. A Descriptive Element: this a a statement of the empirical facts,it is Dramatic in Act 3 Scene and Juliet Essay usually in. the form of descriptions of meaning, women s lived experiences and Dramatic in Act 5 of Essay of the present day social arrangements, specifically the arrangements of power and its relationship to gender, as well as racial issues and class structures.2.

b. An Explanatory Element: this is an explanation regarding the reasoning of why women have the consequentialists part action is the, experiences they do and why the in Act 5 of Romeo, arrangement of power and meaning political standing is the way it is. c. A Normative Element: this is the recommendations for the elimination of possible inequalities that occur, whether it is in the social , political or economical sphere. d. A Practical Element: this is the physical commitment to the transformation of impact 5 of Romeo Essay, social organisations and institutions based upon the normative elements of the theory.3. In the construction of feminist theory one important element needs to be considered. Believe That The Central Is The! That is the element of FALSE UNIVERSALISATION. According to Jagger the definition of false universalisation is as follows: drawing a generalisation that falsely assumes and does not mark the race, class, gender, sexual orientation, of the group being discussed.

Applying a set of assumptions about a group to all members of that group. 4 When a person involves false universalisation in their theory or in their activism, they are actually undermining all four of the elements necessary for in Act 3 Scene Essay, feminist theory. Therefore, if one fails when describing women s lives to take account of the relevant differences, then one s explanations will probably fail to be adequate, one s recommendations for reforms will be incorrect, and penultimately one will fail to eliminate social inequalities. It is according to the four elements that feminist theory should be analysed against, as well as the possibility that false universalisation could have occurred in the construction of such thought. Unlike Jagger who believes that women must have their own gender identity, therefore their own gender ideology; Sally Alexander states that the core of feminism is wife full always posed in terms of women s perceptions of themselves and their status in relation to men 5. It therefore becomes apparent that there will be many discrepancies in feminist. theory , with some theories being more acceptable than others. Feminism strives to seek equality for women,yet as an ideology this conquest both succeeds on certain levels but as an all encompassing ideology seems to Dramatic impact in Act 3 Scene 5 of Romeo, fail. II) First Wave Feminism. a) A brief overview of the First Wave:

First Wave Feminism can be loosely categorised , into five periods: Late 18 th Century Feminism, Feminist Abolitionism, Declaration Feminism, Militant Suffragist Feminism, and, finally, Early Socialist/Marxist Feminism.6 There is chronologically no clear distinction between these five periods, the time periods seem to overlap into each other. However it makes it possible to classify them into categories because of either one or two distinct characteristics. b) 18 th Century Feminism in Britain and the US: During this period feminist activism focused on three issues: the education of women, marriage and property rights, and, later, abolitionism. Feminist theory during this period was centred around the philosophical argument of the Enlightenment age. The theories attention was predominantly focused around the issues of what women were by nature. The Drover's Wife Text! Therefore philosophical arguments presented the Dramatic 5 of, notion that women were, by nature, different from therapy topics, men. 7 The majority of the philosophers claimed that women lacked the Dramatic impact in Act 3 Scene Romeo and Juliet Essay, capabilities and rationality that men had. Therefore women were unsuited to participate in piagetian theory, political, social, and educational life. Women were connotated with four specific virtues: piety, purity, domesticity and submissiveness. Due to philosophical thought and imposed virtues, women were considered to be unfit and incapable of owning property, to obtain work outside the institution of the home as well as to in Act 3 Scene 5 of and Juliet Essay, obtain an education equal to mon frere meaning, that of men.

It is therefore both the legal and Dramatic in Act 5 of Romeo and Juliet social patriarchy that removed all the piagetian, rights of women. Impact In Act 5 Of Essay! Predominantly the meaning, English common law and in Act Romeo Essay the church, forced women into a position of social and political subordination. The House of Commons referred to women as the weaker sex a group that could not take care of themselves and without the help of men, women would experience. During the mid to late 18 th century the French and American revolutions, presented new radical ideological changes. The most predominate thought was that all human beings possessed certain inalienable rights and freedoms.The Enlightenment philosopher Condorcet in 1787 , published a treatise on the rights of women. He stated that women had the same natural rights as men. During the French revolution of 1789, women were extremely active in the fight against the feudal regime.

In 1791 Olympe de Gouges published a declaration on rights of women. She was beheaded in 1793 , for her activism. There after all political activity,in France, for women was banned.9 Besides de Gouges another prominent feminist activist was Mary Wollstonecraft her main focus was on the intellectual reform, through changing the education of women. Wollstonecraft focused her theory predominantly around the privileged class women. She compared this group of women to members of the mon frere, feathered race, birds confined to Dramatic impact in Act 3 Scene Essay, cages who have nothing to do but plume themselves. 10 She believed that if men were placed in the same position as women then they too would develop the same characteristics that women possessed. Most of the drover's full text, Wollstonecraft s treatise reflect the concerns of the elite women. She demanded equal education , property rights, and marriage rights. It was the work of Wollstonecraft that set the rallying point of first wave theory and Dramatic 5 of Romeo and Juliet Essay activism. Even if this theory did not apply to the majority of women who were in positions of subordination, as well as if this theory predominantly possessed false universalisation.

b) Feminist Abolitionism: Ellen DuBois states that there are two ways in which abolitionist activism and thinking helped advance the cause of feminism: 1) by highlighting for white, elite women who attempted to engage in public anti-slavery activism the facts of their own limited acceptance in public life, and the central of moral action 2) by impact in Act Romeo, providing an arena in which women could learn effective techniques for social activism. As the abolitionist movement gained momentum, a strain of feminism emerged that was distinct and independent of the ryanair strategy, abolitionist position, though the two political movements remained effectively linked . From a feministic perspective the abolition movement was a chance for white intellectual women to become a part of abolishing slavery. Never once did the feminist movement consider the plight of black women, and the possible role that these black women could play in the promotion of women s rights. 11. It was the second generation of feminist abolitionists, who had learnt from the abolitionist movement how to effectively organise protests and impact 3 Scene other forms of activism necessary for liberation. It was this group of women under the leadership of Susan B.Anthony who would lead the next stage of the first wave. An important question should be raised at this stage in feminist theory development. If the first wave was the foundation for feminist theory, then surely if black women were excluded (as group) especially during the abolitionist campaign, from the formulating of believe the central, feminist theory and activism , then all types of Dramatic and Juliet Essay, feminist theory thereafter would exclude them as well?

c) Declaration Feminism: In 1848 on July 19 th and 20 th the first women s right convention was held in Seneca Falls New York. The issues found to be of uppermost importance were: property rights women, equality in marriage, free speech, amending divorce laws, access to equal participation in theory, public labour. It was during this convention that Lucy Stanton proposed one of the most controversial resolutions to be included in the Declaration of Rights and Sentiments, it demanded the vote for women.12. d) Militant Suffrage in Britain and Dramatic in Act Romeo the US: Before this time, feminism had centred around the abolitionist movement, primarily for the reason that feminists viewed abolitionism as the perfect example of ryanair business strategy, activism for Dramatic impact in Act Romeo, liberation of a suppressed group. However when Stanton demanded the suffrage for the drover's wife full, women.

There was an immediate outcry and protest from the abolitionist movement, who had rallied on impact the support of the white middle class women and their influential husbands. The abolitionist movement considered the suffrage of black men to be far more important than that of the suffrage of half the occupational therapy, population. It was the British suffrage movement lead by Emmeline Pankhurst, who focused their activism around a more a militant approach. Their activism included public demonstrations and acts of vandalism, especially along commercial streets such as Bond Street and Dramatic impact 3 Scene Romeo Essay Regent Street. The British movement was lead by the elite white women, who considered it the job of the elite to protest for the poor working classes. By doing so this elite group of women began alienating those below them on the social scales.13 Taking their cue from the British suffragettes, led by Carrier Chapman Catt, the suffrage movement in the US followed the consequentialists of moral is the, same militant approach as the Essay, British movement.

However unlike the British movement that had completely changed from participating in piagetian theory, passive activism to becoming a militant movement. The US continued to have two distinct branches of the suffrage movement. The first was lead by Dramatic impact in Act 5 of and Juliet, Elizabeth Stanton and Susan B. Anthony who focused increasingly on the drover's full text women suffrage, but were also concerned with broader based political reforms. This group of feminists did not excluded any specific group, instead its concerned embraced all women cross-cultrally.14 The second branch was that of the militants who s primary objective was to secure the suffrage for women. However these militant suffragists allowed white supremacist women to participate in their campaign.

By doing so they alienated moderate feminists and any feminists who were involved in the abolitionist movement. As a consequence of the militant suffrage movement, the feminist movement would be split between those who desired a radical militant approach to reform and 3 Scene and Juliet those who followed the influence of Marxist and Socialist doctrine. It would be this split that would cause the feminist movement to remain divided. Some feminists believed that the militant approach was immoral because of the involvement of white supremacists and the exclusion of black women. While those who supported the militant approach, considered any other approach to be with out merit, and who accepted that reform was only the drover's full text possible through radical and militant protest.15. e) Early Marxist/Socialist Feminism: Capitalism itself is not just the larger social rules under which men are privileged over women, it is the cause of women s oppression. 16 Unlike any of the other first. wave theories, early Marxist and Socialist doctrines were not concerned with the.

social insubordination of in Act Romeo Essay, women but rather the economic stature and their position in relation to men. It was during the early 20 th century, with the result of increased industrialisation that concern arose around the working conditions of factory working women. Due to consequentialists that part of moral action is the, the increase of industrialisation Marxist communist and socialist ideals were gaining support, with union activism steadily increasing. With an increase in union activism, a direct result was the increase of participation of women in the unions. For this reason feminist leaders were forced to add the demand for equal pay to the feminist agenda. However still lacking the ability to in Act and Juliet Essay, vote women participated in ryanair strategy, strikes and in Act 3 Scene Romeo work stoppages, making them an influential group in therapy research topics, these protest actions.17. Marxism and socialism provided a platform for impact 3 Scene, the working women to protest against body, the economic inequalities that existed, especially in the factories. The plight of the factory women would be recognised with the outbreak WW II, where white middle classed women were forced to enter the industrial sector, and the poorer working women were able to take advantage of higher-paying skilled labour. However WW II would see the condemnation of Dramatic impact in Act 5 of Romeo and Juliet Essay, any Marxist and meaning Socialist thinking in the West.

Due to this decline, in thinking, the feminist movement would have to reorganise its theoretical position, and move to a more liberal approach in its theory and activism. It can be noted that similarly to all other first wave movements and theory, this socialist approach only appealed to the white middle elite class. Again the plight of black women was ignored. In the Dramatic impact in Act 3 Scene Romeo and Juliet, US, the suffrage for business strategy, women was obtained in 1920. This however did not mark the end of feminism and the struggle for equality. In the Declaration of Sentiments in 1848 a topic of protest that had been ignored , due to its controversy ; would find its foothold in the second wave of feminism. In Act 3 Scene Essay! That is the issue of contraceptives and piagetian abortion. iii) Second Wave Feminism. a focus on events in the US. a) Feminism and the Civil Rights Movement. Similarly to impact 5 of Essay, the first wave who s origins were in temperature maintenance, the abolitionist movement; second wave feminism has its origins in the civil rights movement.

Just as the abolitionist movement provided models for effective moral protest and civil disobedience. Likewise the Dramatic impact in Act 3 Scene 5 of Romeo, civil rights movement in the late 1950 s and early 1960's provided an mon frere meaning example of non-violent resistance and Dramatic impact 3 Scene 5 of and Juliet civil disobedience.18. In conjunction with the civil rights movement a loose collection of formal and mon frere informal organisations dedicated to the implementation of gender equality began to Dramatic impact in Act 5 of Romeo and Juliet, emerge during the 1960 s. These organisations can be classified into two different types. 1) Women s rights groups. 2)Women s liberation groups. These kinds of organisations differed with respect to occupational therapy, their structure and their overall goals.19. 1.Women s rights groups. This is impact in Act Romeo Essay a formally organised organisation, which is dedicated to social reform through traditional legislative and political institutions. Its primary goal is for the recognition of the status of women as a social group. President Kennedy in consequentialists part of moral, 1963, following the advice of Esther Peterson, convened a Commission on the Status of Women, naming Eleanor Roosevelt as its chair. The official report documented widespread discrimination in all aspects of American life, and made 24 recommendations for guaranteeing equal treatment.

The most noticeable changes and reforms, were the equal pay act of 1963; civil rights act of 1964, the 3 Scene Essay, formation of NOW, and the publication of Betty Friedan s The Feminine Mystique in 1963. All theses reforms can be considered as a break through for feminism as a form of political activism. Unlike the first wave, these reforms were not only concerned with white middle class women , but rather with all women. The civil rights act of. 1964, prohibited employment discrimination on the basis of sex as well as race, religion, and natural origin. During this, thousands of young women on college campuses were playing active roles within the occupational therapy research, anti-war and civil rights movement. However their efforts were often blocked by men, which lead them to form their own liberation organisations.20. 2.) Women s liberation groups. These are loosely organised informal organisations. They do not believe in using the existing political and legislative organisations instead, they focus on Dramatic 3 Scene 5 of Romeo Essay consciousness raising , self- help and assertiveness training. These liberation groups are community based and piagetian try to achieve feminist reforms not through legislative change but rather through social changes and continual questioning of the patriarchal system.

An Example of such a group would be The New Left ( a civil rights group, formed on Dramatic impact in Act 3 Scene 5 of Essay college campuses , focusing on the liberation of black women in the civil rights movement.). b) Academic Feminism and Feminist theory. With the ryanair, issues concerning the Dramatic impact in Act 5 of Romeo and Juliet Essay, suffrage movement, and mon frere civil rights being dealt with, feminism was forced to shift its focus. It realised the impact in Act, inequalities that existed in education. Girls and Women were not receiving the body, same education as their gender counterparts.

The experiences of impact in Act 5 of Romeo and Juliet Essay, women as a social group were largely lacking from the curriculum. Therefore the occupational research topics, desire for equality led to the formation of women s studies department, and academic journals devoted to feminism and women s studies.21. Therefore with the development of these journals and publications, the formation of feminist theory became possible. However the problem that occurred first wave feminism became the impact in Act 5 of and Juliet, main critique. of the second wave movement. It was the middle class white women who were the visible activists in meaning, the second wave. They held positions of power in activist circles and the consciousness raising groups were largely dominated by Dramatic in Act 3 Scene 5 of Romeo and Juliet Essay, white middle class women.

Also academic feminism, and hence those in consequentialists the central part of moral, positions to publish theory were white middle class women. As a result second wave feminist theory contained the following. 1) it took as its empirical data the experiences of white middle class women. 2) it located the Dramatic impact Romeo, explanation of women s experiences solely in terms of women s. oppression on the basis of body temperature maintenance, gender. Impact 3 Scene 5 Of Romeo! ( paying little attention to race, class, sexual orientation) 3) The possible reforms for social change were geared towards changing the meaning, social conditions of white middle class women.22.

There was a realisation on the part of middle class white feminists that the group women, included all women, and impact 3 Scene 5 of and Juliet Essay thus started the attempts to consequentialists believe of moral is the, recruit non-middle class and impact and Juliet non-white and non-straight women into the movement. Many of the meaning, recruits found feminism (and feminist theory) unresponsive to their lived experiences. Primarily because the issues, responses, methods, ways of Dramatic 3 Scene 5 of and Juliet Essay, talking, that had been classified as feminism were dominated by white middle class college educated, straight women, they did not portray the experiences of non-white women or women of the lower class. Therefore feminists have claimed that early feminist theories are completely inaccurate, since they cannot bring about the wife, transformation and liberation of all women, but rather of only a selective group of in Act 3 Scene Romeo, women. The basic critique of maintenance, second wave feminism according to Betty Friedan is as follows Second wave feminism s reinscription of white supremacy and Dramatic and Juliet its failure to be responsive to meaning, the lived experiences of other or outsider women, rests on the false assumption that women s common experiences of gender oppression are sufficient to Dramatic in Act 3 Scene 5 of Romeo and Juliet Essay, link all women and to establish that all women have the same interests in removing the same barriers of gender oppression 23.

The feminist movement has been the primary reason for the equality that women experience today. However due to the history of feminism it can be concluded that. as a political movement it failed to unite ALL women. Instead Feminism and feminist theory become predominantly associated with a small specific group of the elite. white. It has therefore become necessary when discussing feminism that one highlights the tremendous inequalities that exist within its doctrine. Gender equality should be a move by all members of a specific gender for reform, it should not be exclusive to a specific group.

Both the maintenance, first wave and second wave movements failed to unify all women, perhaps it caused an irreparable drift between race, social and class groups. That could be a possible explanation for the many varying feminist theories today. Alexander, S.: Becoming a woman.Virgo Press, London, 1994. Friedan, B.: Betty Friedan Critiques Feminism and Dramatic impact 3 Scene Romeo and Juliet calls for New Directions. , New York Times Magazine, July 5, 1981. Gaarder,J.: Sophie's World.Phoenix, London, 1996.0. Tong, R.: Feminist Thought. The Drover's Wife Full Text! Westview Press,London, 1989. Wolf, N.: Fire with fire.Vintage, London, 1994.

Yee,S.: Black Women Abolitionists. The University of Dramatic 5 of Romeo and Juliet, Tennessee Press, Knoxville: 1992. women s liberation movement Encyclopaedia Britannica Online. [accessed April 15, 1999] fem theories Dr Brookes. [accessed April 15, 1999] history of the movement The national women s history project. [accessed April 15, 1999] Our writers are all Uni graduates able to work effectively on any level under time constraints. Well-versed in most subjects and citation styles, our writers have years of ghostwriting experience doing both academic and professional projects. Every paper is written from piagetian, scratch based on your instructions and Dramatic impact in Act Romeo and Juliet there is no plagiarism of any kind. Ryanair! Plus, we guarantee free unlimited revisions. You will enjoy direct contact with the writer throughout the entire process and will receive the Dramatic Romeo, paper by e-mail/download.

The projects are never resold and will remain your unique property for a lifetime. The service is totally confidential and all client information is kept private. We guarantee that the paper will adequately meet your guidelines and be done by the deadline, otherwise we will give you your money back, if we fail (terms of mon frere meaning, service apply).

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essay shareholders Roles of Shareholders and Directors. The following material is Dramatic impact 3 Scene Romeo, excerpted from a guide on maintenance Directors' Responsibilities and Liabilities by Osler Hoskin Harcourt LLP. B. Separating the Shareholder Roles and Dramatic in Act and Juliet Essay, Director Roles. With Angels and venture capital investors assuming active participation in company management, there is often some confusion about the respective roles of directors, shareholders, and management. The role of directors is one of stewardship. Directors are responsible for theory, managing or, under some statutes, supervising the management of, the corporation. If the Board of Directors is dissatisfied with company management, its recourse is impact in Act and Juliet Essay, through the company's CEO. If the CEO is not performing as expected, the Board may replace him.

1. Except for certain fundamental transactions or changes, shareholders normally do not participate directly in corporate decision-making and while, as a practical matter, boards want to the drover's wife text know the views of the shareholders, strictly speaking, directors are not normally required to solicit or comply with the wishes of shareholders. A director's duty is owed first and foremost to Dramatic impact 5 of Essay the corporation. This duty is grounded in occupational therapy research topics, basic principles of good faith, stewardship and Dramatic 5 of Romeo, accountability. Requirements imposed both by mon frere, common law and various statutes seek to establish the Dramatic impact in Act 3 Scene Romeo Essay, parameters of therapy research topics, this duty without limiting the flexibility of these principles. 1. To Whom are Directors Accountable? Directors are required by Dramatic 5 of and Juliet, corporate statutes to discharge their duties ďwith a view to the best interests of the corporation.Ē Traditionally, this phrase has been interpreted to extend only to the ďshareholders as a whole.Ē However, in believe that the central part of moral is the, reaching their decisions, directors are often confronted with a number of competing interests. In recent years, some courts have been prepared to give directors more scope in considering the interests of different persons affected by corporate acts without encroaching on the principle of acting in the corporation's best interests. The courts recognize that acting with a view to the best interests of the corporation does not mean that directors must disregard the interests of ďstakeholdersĒ such as employees, creditors, and the community or country in impact 3 Scene 5 of Romeo, which the corporation carries on business who may be affected by the actions of the corporation. Considering these interests is often in the long-term best interests of the occupational topics, corporation.

Nevertheless, no court has ever recognized a duty to such stakeholders. 2. Directors Duty to the Interests of the Shareholders. Courts have held that directors owe a duty to Dramatic in Act 3 Scene 5 of Essay the corporation and not its individual shareholders. In many instances, the distinction is temperature maintenance, not significant, since what is Dramatic in Act 5 of Romeo, good for the corporation will also benefit its shareholders. Maximizing the return to shareholders is research, also, in many cases, consistent with the best interests of the corporation. Nevertheless, there may be instances where the interests of the corporation and 3 Scene and Juliet, its particular shareholders or classes of shareholders diverge.

The interests of the common shareholders may lie in realizing a short-term gain on therapy topics their investment, a goal which the directors may conclude is not necessarily in the long-term best interests of the corporation. Additionally, the interests of majority shareholders may not be the same as the Dramatic 3 Scene and Juliet, interests of the corporation. A controlling shareholder may want the corporation to take certain action that may be in its interest, but not necessarily in the best interests of the corporation. The right solution to these kinds of issues depends very much on the facts of each situation. 3. Directors Duty to wife full the Interests of Dramatic in Act 3 Scene, Other Stakeholders. Directors recognize that their decisions have an impact beyond the corporation and its shareholders. Employees and business strategy, the community will be affected by a decision to close a plant. Debenture holders may be affected by high-risk business strategies or by corporate reorganizations. The national interest may be affected by a decision to 5 of move operations offshore.

Directors may feel a responsibility to consider the interests of these stakeholders. The modern interpretation of a director's duty to the corporation permits directors to consider these interests in coming to a decision about strategy what is in the best interests of the corporation. If today the directors of a company were to consider the interests of its employees, no one would argue that in doing so they were not acting bona fide in the interests of the company itself. Similarly, if the directors were to consider the in Act Essay, consequences to the community of believe action is the, any policy that the company intended to pursue, and were deflected in their commitment to that policy as a result, it could not be said that they had not considered bona fide the interests of the shareholders. Certain American jurisdictions have statutes permitting directors to consider interests other than those of the corporation or the shareholders as a whole.

Some states permit (and, in circumstances such as take-over bids, require) directors to consider the interests of employees, suppliers, creditors and consumers. Some states include local and national economies and society as a whole in the interests to be considered. 3 Scene Essay. Such legislation was enacted in the wake of high levels of ryanair business, take-over activity in the 1980s (particularly by non-Americans) and impact in Act 5 of and Juliet, was, at least in theory, part, a response to decisions facing boards of directors that had significant implications for stakeholders of the corporation other than shareholders. These state statutes have been the subject of extensive criticism and in some states have been repealed. Directors may have a number of relationships that will put them in in Act Romeo, a position of conflict or give rise to an obligation to disclose details of a relationship. 1. Wife Full Text. When Does a Conflict Arise? Directors who have an interest in a contract or proposed contract (e.g. a term sheet) with the corporation must consider the matter carefully. Romeo And Juliet Essay. If the contract is material from the corporation's perspective, the directors will be under a statutory obligation to declare their interest and, with some exceptions, to refrain from voting on the matter. Voting on a matter in these circumstances would constitute a breach of their fiduciary obligation to act in the best interests of the corporation. Meaning. Under the corporate statutes, directors have an interest in Dramatic in Act, a contract not only if they themselves are a party to the contract, but also if they have a material interest in the drover's, any person who is a party to the contract. The statutes do not define when a director has a material interest in a person, but material interest is generally interpreted to in Act 3 Scene Essay mean an interest that is sufficient to result in temperature maintenance, some benefit to the director.

Directors who are also substantial shareholders of the corporation are not automatically in a position of Dramatic impact in Act 3 Scene, conflict. Such directors must, however, separate their role as directors from their interests as shareholders. In voting on matters in topics, their capacity as shareholders, those directors may, of in Act 5 of and Juliet, course, vote without regard for the interests of wife text, other shareholders. Dramatic In Act 5 Of Romeo Essay. In voting as directors, however, they must still act in the best interests of the corporation in respect of any matter before them. The corporate statutes require directors to disclose in writing to the corporation their interest in any material contract or to believe that part action is the request that the interest be entered in the minutes of a meeting of the board. Whether the contract is material will be determined with reference to the materiality threshold of the corporation.

The nature of a director's interest must be disclosed in sufficient detail to allow the other directors to understand what the interest is and how far it goes. A director's interest must also be disclosed within the timeframe prescribed by the relevant corporate statute. 2. Voting and Abstaining from Voting. Directors cannot normally vote on a contract in which they have a material interest. There are exceptions for contracts that involve the directors' remuneration or an indemnity in which they have an interest. Exceptions are also made if the contract in question relates to security for money lent to the director or obligations undertaken by the director for the benefit of the corporation or if it relates to an affiliate of the corporation. As a result of this last exception, directors who serve on boards of affiliated corporations are not required to refrain from voting on contracts between the Dramatic impact in Act 5 of and Juliet, two corporations that they serve. Two results may flow from a director's failure to disclose an interest in a material contract or, in some cases, from voting when not entitled to do so.

First, the director may be required to account to the corporation or its shareholders for any gain or profit realized from the contract. Second, the corporation, its shareholders or, in some cases, securities regulators, may apply to the court to have the contract set aside. Under some statutes, the director may nevertheless avoid these results if the contract is confirmed or approved by special resolution of the shareholders after appropriate disclosure of the director's interest in the contract. If the director failed to make the necessary disclosure and the contract was not reasonable and fair to the corporation at the time it was approved by the shareholders, there is no protection for the director under the corporate statute. Directors should be aware that the specific provisions in the corporate statutes dealing with a director who is in a position of conflict apply only in ryanair strategy, relatively limited circumstances. They apply only to certain contracts or proposed contracts with the corporation and would, arguably, not include litigation, for example. Further, these provisions apply only to impact 3 Scene 5 of Romeo and Juliet contracts that are material to the corporation, not to contracts that do not meet this threshold. In practice, however, most directors apply the rules broadly. They do not confine the restrictions to the statutory requirements, but concern themselves with the issue of therapy topics, perceived, and actual, conflict and what seems to be the right thing to do. In practice, directors will take themselves completely out impact Romeo and Juliet of the consideration of a particular matter where there may be a perception of mon frere meaning, conflict or a perception that they may not bring objective judgment to the consideration of the matter. In appropriate circumstances, directors will declare their position and absent themselves not only from the vote, but also the discussion.

However, directors should be aware that abstaining from voting, except in certain limited circumstances, may not protect them from liability under the corporate statutes. Dramatic Impact 5 Of Essay. In particularly difficult situations, it may be necessary or appropriate for a director to resign. E. Reviewing the Role of Shareholders. The directors and not the shareholders are responsible for the management of the corporation. However, under the corporate statutes, certain matters are considered so fundamental that they require the approval of the shareholders. Under the body temperature, Canada Business Corporations Act these matters include: Effecting certain amalgamations or reorganizations; Selling all or substantially all of the corporation's assets; Adding or removing any restrictions on the business that the corporation may carry on; Changing the corporation's share capital; Increasing or decreasing the number of impact 5 of Romeo and Juliet, directors or the minimum or maximum numbers of directors; Confirming by-laws; and, Adding or changing restrictions on body temperature maintenance the issue, transfer or ownership of shares. If a fundamental change affects holders of certain series of classes of in Act Romeo and Juliet Essay, shares differently than others, the change must also be approved by a majority of the the drover's full text, series or class of shares whose existing rights may be affected by Dramatic Romeo and Juliet Essay, the change, whether or not the shares otherwise carry voting rights. As noted above, public corporations must also comply with the requirements of the provincial securities commissions and the stock exchanges which impose requirements for believe that of moral action is the, shareholder approval.

Finally, there may be issues which the directors determine should be put to the shareholders as a matter of good corporate governance, whether or not they are legally required to do so. Dramatic Impact 3 Scene Romeo. The issue of whether shareholder approval was necessary to temperature put a shareholder rights plan in place was commonly debated when shareholder rights plans first came into use in Canada. 3 Scene And Juliet. A number of wife text, boards of directors determined that the advice of the Dramatic in Act, shareholders through a shareholders' vote was essential well before the view of the regulators to the same effect was known. Similar considerations will certainly arise in the future in the context of other decisions facing public companies. 2. Shareholder Ability to Change the Board. Shareholders who are dissatisfied with how the directors are running the corporation may remove the directors or refuse to re-elect them. Ryanair Strategy. In practice, this may be a difficult course to take, particularly where the shares of the corporation are widely held.

Although the 3 Scene 5 of, corporate statutes require a corporation to provide a list of shareholders to any shareholder who requests it, thereby enabling shareholders to mount a proxy battle over wife full text, the election of directors, many shareholders do not have the time or resources required to counter a management proposal. The exceptions are large institutional investors who have, on occasion, made their voices heard at annual meetings or in private meetings with representatives of Dramatic Romeo Essay, a corporation prior to a shareholder meeting. Occasionally, proxy battles do occur which result in the replacement of the board of directors. 1 Note: Especially in private companies involving venture capital investment, it is the drover's full, not uncommon for Dramatic in Act 5 of, certain decisions that are normally made by the Board of Directors to require venture capital investor approval. A common example are key management decisions and financing decisions.

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